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Various versions of the Linkwitz LX521 speaker have captivated my interest since I first heard it at RMAF 2012. In subsequent years, I prioritized visiting the Linkwitz room, where I would be consistently impressed by the speaker's ability to create an excellent sound stage and perform remarkably well in various rooms.Siegfried Linkwitz is renowned among loudspeaker designers for introducing several revolutionary advancements in the audio industry, the most... Read More

How Low Can You Go? I’m not talking about quality per se, but quality at a reasonably low price. At $3,200 a pair, the new speaker from Canadian audio electronics stalwart Simaudio is an exceptionally impressive listen at any price. I had a hint at this when I heard a pair at the 2022 Montreal Audio Fest. The Simaudio room was not a tiny hotel room but a medium to large-sized exhibit space on the lower level. It was paired with the Ace, a Simaudio integrated amp/streamer of about 50 high-current watts per side. This simple system, for around $7,000, played recordings in a way that made me want to sit down and listen—and I did just that. 

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When Robert Schumann wanted to tell the world how impressed he was by the young Johannes Brahms, Schumann published words to the effect of, “Hats off, ladies and gentlemen!” That’s exactly the way I feel about Solen Electronique’s fully assembled and tested (and slightly tweaked) version of SB Acoustics’ top-of-the-line floorstanding 3-way (but with twin woofers) loudspeaker kit, the Sasandu Tx (for TeXtreme). (The sasandu is a traditional Indonesian musical... Read More

In 2019, Acora Acoustics burst onto the audio landscape with a line of granite enclosure-based loudspeakers and quickly gained a reputation as a top-performing brand, receiving positive reviews and winning "Best of Show" at various audio events. The company seemed like an overnight success, but like so many "overnight success" stories the journey took years of hard work and dedication. Valerio Cora, the co-owner and designer of Acora Acoustics,... Read More

Dave McNair spends time with Treehaus Audiolab's "off the beaten path" National Treasure Loudspeaker System and after a short period of sonic adjustment, grows to greatly appreciate and enjoy the sonic ride. The write up is as much a lesson in the joys of "sonic diversity" as it is a loudspeaker review.

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Speaker manufacturer PureAudioProject occupies a unique marketplace position. Instead of shipping fully assembled loudspeakers, it mostly sends its worldwide customers modular components for home assembly. The individual components are shipped directly to the customer from company warehouses in the US and Germany or directly from the manufacturers of individual parts. This business model offers the customer excellent value and the ability to customize the sound.While... Read More