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Features: Record Cleaning

Maintenance is really the most important part of owning anything you’ve invested in, isn’t it? Whether it’s a house, a car, a nice watch, some decent wine, whatever it might be, it’s important to keep it well-maintained, otherwise, that wonderful item can quickly turn into trash. This is especially true in the hi-fi and record collecting world. Everything requires a bit of upkeep and the more a user gives thought and effort to maintenance, the more joy and financial... Read More

The iSonic CS 6.1-PRO is an ingeniously designed, relatively compact 1.55 gallon capacity cavitation-based $999 record cleaning machine capable of rotating up to ten 12" or 7" large hole 45rpm records in a stainless steel tank for up to fifteen minutes after which you drain the distilled water into a bucket and actuate a dual-speed high speed spinning mechanism that spins the records dry (a new reservoir with pump station will soon be available to make easier and more convenient, vat draining and refilling). In a relatively short time you should have up to ten cavitated clean, dry records. "Should" is the operative word.

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This is probably the most costly cavitation based machine you can buy and it's also most likely the most ruggedly built and if not the most effective, among the most effective and easy to use. When you read "the most" or "the best" and the reviewer writing or saying that hasn't sampled every possible contender, whether it's a cleaning machine, or an amplifier or a turntable, or whatever, it's pure clickbait and nothing more. And... Read More