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Matt Walker, our man in Tokyo (as opposed to Jonti Davies, our man in Kyoto) reports from the recent Tokyo Audio Show: "We just had the Tokyo International Audio Show this past long weekend over three days at the Tokyo International Forum - a wonderful piece of Rafael Vinoly architecture designed to reflect the sweeping curves of a boat in the centre of Tokyo. There were around 34 rooms across 7 floors  - up slightly on previous years. As previously, attendance is free but online registration gets you a personalised QR entry code for each day as they strictly control numbers and mask wearing is still considered ‘good manners’.

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Should I stay or should I go? No, I wasn’t listening to The Clash. I was mentally weighing whether or not to attend the 2023 Toronto Audiofest. I almost decided that I didn’t have the time or money, but in the end, I went. And boy, am I glad I did!On my first visit to Toronto Audiofest in 2022, I was struck by how different an audio show can be in a location other than the good ole US of A. Maybe it’s simply the friendly, chill Candian vibes. Perhaps it’s the personal warmth and excellent organizational skill of the show organizers, Michel Plant and Sarah Tremblay. It’s both these things and more.

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November 16th, 2023

Capital Audio Festival Long Form Video room visits and more

By: Michael Fremer

Here's the first of at least two long form videos shot at last weekend's Capital Audio Festival. Large Friday and Saturday crowds plus strong industry participation and a large contingent of vinyl vendors made this a high energy exciting show. Rega's high-tech Naia made its American debut. The dealer took it apart for the camera. In a series of stills you'll see what makes it unique. You'll see and hear about an electronics line from Bosnia... Read More

At this year's Capital Audiofest, Infigo's CEO Hans Loomen walked me through the company's MM/MC phono section equipped Method 7 preamplifier. It's a thoroughly modern, beautifully made, infinitely configurable preamplifier. Cost is $20,000. Infigo always gets great show sound and this year was no exception. Read More

He'll sell his transmission line speaker to you as a $100 plan, and hopefully soon as a "flat pack' you self-assemble and then buy the crossover network and drivers from Madisound. Package cost is max $1000.00/pr. Blanchard showed off his creations in partnership with Geshelli Labs—the Florida-based family cooperative that builds DACs, and headphone amps. He's hoping to have all of this up and running very soon. transmission Line cutaway Read More

Spatial Audio was Clayton Shaw's previous open baffle based loudspeaker company. His new open baffle speaker debuted at Capital Audio Fest 2023. Here, Shaw describes the Caladan and his ideas behind it. There was a pretty intense buzz at the show about this speaker. I heard about it from more than a few friends and fans I spoke with before and during the show. This speaker was really fun to listen to—dynamic, vivid yet not over-saturated, and it seemed to go... Read More

Instead of the usual show walking tour, for Capitol Audio Festival I'm going to highlight interviews with new product manufacturers and their products. Regional shows like Capital Audio Fest attract new, small manufacturers debuting never before seen products, some of which will never be seen again. But some might make it to another level so all are of interest. Here I speak with Belleson's Brian Lowe. If you go to the website you'll find... Read More

Large crowds, robust manufacturer participation and many product debuts made Capital Audio Fest 2023 a roaring success. Day three awaits as i type this early Sunday morning. One of the show highlights was the large room in which was a system consisting of a full array of Audio Research electronics driving a pair of Acora Acoustics VRC Reference Loudspeakers. A new VPI Titan "double stack" Direct Drive turntable fitted with Audio Technica's now sold out... Read More

I spent all of day one at the sports arena where most of the exhibitors were "mainstream" audio companies from around the world. There were fewer "big" exhibits this year—no giant speakers from Gryphon, Wilson, Magico and others. The only really big one was Borresen's flagship M6 and it delivered on its promise. Exhibits of mostly "down to earth" products (still priced in the stratosphere) was a welcome trend. In terms of product... Read More

The Warsaw Audio Show, this year October 27-29th, is an outstanding annual event drawing large crowds of audio/video and music fans. It's an especially family-friendly affair producing throngs of people all three days—sometimes too many people, which makes it difficult to get into some of the rooms. That's the problem all show organizers would be happy to have.150 exhibitors will be demonstrating audio and video gear in 160 rooms located at two hotels and... Read More

Capital and Pacific AudioFest show producers Gary Gill and Lou Hinkley today announced the SouthWest Audio Fest, a new Dallas, Texas based audio festival, set to debut March 15-17th, 2024 at the famous Hilton/Anatole Hotel. The promoting pair say the hotel is booked, the weather is perfect, and the venue has plenty of room to expand. There are thousands of parking spaces, easy load in (for the presenters), great bars and restaurants, more than fifty meeting rooms and... Read More

Michael Johnson's third and final video report from Pacific Audio Festival 2023 in Seattle, WA June 23-25th. Read More

At the Pacific Audio Festival, Michael Trochalakis gets a video scoop for Tracking Angle at the Kirmuss Audio booth. First Michael describes his experience getting a prized record restored by Charles Kirmuss and then Kirmuss turns the microphone over to Ari Crane, Heritage Auctions' Director of Vinyl Acquisitions. If you'd like to contact Mr. Crane, here's his email address: You'll want to watch this video for sure! Read More