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For High End Munich 2023 I brought onboard Carlos Martin Schwab, a Munich area-based writer who in previous years has done no-nonsense show coverage for other sites. I asked him to cover some brands and non-analog related products. You'll note he covered OMA. I asked him to do that because pre-show I decided against entering the OMA room. Why? I was disinvited from a factory visit by OMA's founder. I was supposed to go there for The Absolute Sound, which is reviewing the K3 turntable I reviewed for my previous endeavor and they wanted video factory coverage and an owner profile. Ultimately, I decided it was best to cover the room, which I did in a video posted on YouTube. The encounter left one consumer-observer to comment under the video "I foresee Fremer unloading his OMA TT soon… the tension between him and Weiss was palpable". Martin Schwab also covered a few rooms i didn't assign but I'm glad he did, especially IO Design, an amazing sounding loudspeaker covered last year that I didn't have time to hear this, though I've heard it's been further improved. Martin Schwab encountered my friend Rick Rubin with Al DiMeola. His comment further elucidates his distaste for the industry, which I find amusing. He didn't think I'd run his comment you'll read below that ends with "...ego is counted by the ton." That's because he doesn't know me well. The show was a great success attracting 22,137 visitors from approximately 100 countries who came to see products from 550 exhibitors representing 54 nations. More than 1000 brands were on display. While 22,137 visited the show in person, to date, more than 34,000 people have viewed's first day video coverage on YouTube. Such is the power of the Internet.

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Some important products are in this video shot Sunday, the show's final day. Especially interesting was the Supatrac arm made in Chelsea, London, England as well as the Takumi turntable, made in The Netherlands, though the name sounds Japanese. High End 2023 was a fantastic show in every way. Details upcoming in the final show post. When it was over and I'd returned to my hotel room to edit video, by around 8 PM I got really hungry but there were no... Read More

At audio shows, music can all too easily be reduced to just signal –  a tool by which to evaluate equipment, or the success or failure of a gear maker to get decent room sound. All the more reason to celebrate the people bringing great, eclectic and surprising music – and great sound. Jan Omdahl spoke to some music-loving audio mavericks at Munich’s High End.

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Saturday was the first of two consumer days at High End Munich 2023 and the MOC was packed from 10:00 AM opening time until just about the 6 PM close. Among Saturday's highlights was a special demo of CH Precision's new P10 two chassis phono preamp—a step up from the already outstanding P1/X1 combo that's my solid state reference. A direct comparison made clear that the P10 is even better than the P1/X1, but of course there will be a full upcoming... Read More

High End 2023 day two for me began as a panel discussion participant in an event titled "Future-Fi" hosted by Olaf Adam, Chief Editor of the German hi-fi website The other panelists were Ljubiša Miodragović from Serbia, who writes for "Hi-Files Audio Video Magazin", and from Great Britain, Hi-Fi Pig's editor in chief, Stuart Smith from Great Britain. We were there to predict the future of audio.We had a full house for a lively... Read More

Miracles are made of this: i flew into Germany a few days early to attend Clearaudio's 45th anniversary party. A factory tour video of that will post following High End show coverage. I flew to Zurich Sunday evening the 14th and got on a short Swiss Air flight from there to Nuremberg. The plane was hit by lightening half way there so had to turn around and return to Zurich. Upon landing we were told to quickly exit and head down to the gate where the airline had... Read More

I leave for Germany this evening, first attending Clearaudio's 45th anniversary celebration outside of Nuremberg, then motoring to Munich for High End 2023. A lot planned there, then taking a train to Switzerland to visit CH Precision in advance of a review of the company's new P10 phono preamplifier. Trip planning for that began in February. Now's the time to plan your trip to Seattle for Pacific Audio Fest Last year's debut show was a big... Read More