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December 18th, 2022

Warsaw Audio Video Show 2022—Stadium Venue Coverage

sorry for the delay

By: Michael Fremer

Sorry it's taken so long to edit and post the second video from Warsaw Audio Video Show 2022 held the final few days of October, but based on previous show videos, interest remains strong well after the event. The Warsaw Audio Video Show is now considered Europe's second most important show after Munich, but that's mostly because Munich is more of a business to business show to which consumers are invited, whereas this show is almost exclusively a... Read More

November 16th, 2022

Our Man In Tokyo Visits the 39th Annual Tokyo Audio Fair Held Last October 28th-30th

held October 28-30 2022

By: Michael Fremer editor Michael Fremer was unable to attend the 39th annual Tokyo Audio Fair but reader Matthew Walker was there and sent some photos

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November 13th, 2022

Mo-Fi Launches Andrew Jones's SourcePoint 10 Loudspeaker at Capital Audio Fest 2022

"Why repeat what I've already done?" says Jones. Stay tuned for more Cap Audio Fest coverage!

By: Michael Fremer

Andrew Jones's first speaker for Mo-Fi is a radical departure from his slim baffle small driver past designs, though it retains the concentric drivers he's well know for creating over his long career, from companies like KEF, TAD and ELAC.

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October 31st, 2022

Warsaw Audio Video Show 2022 Video Day One Video Coverage

Focus on the vibrant Polish Audio Scene

By: Michael Fremer editor Michael Fremer returns from Poland with hours of video footage, about an hour's worth is embedded here, posted on the site's youTube channel.

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October 29th, 2022

Warsaw Audio Video Show 2022 Full Coverage Coming Up!

day one video editing underway

By: Michael Fremer

The Warsaw Audio Video Show 2022 is underway. Day one footage shot and being edited. Stay tuned for full details and day one video.

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September 28th, 2022

The 1994 Winter CES Show

Have a Look Back Almost 30 years to the 1994 CES

By: Michael Fremer

This report was originally written in 1994 for The Absolute Sound and never published there. Please keep the date in mind as you read it!–Ed.Everything was out of joint this year (though not out of joints – judging by the odors emanating from some parked cars around the Sahara bi-level), from the unusually cold wet weather – it rained almost every day – to the thoroughly bizarre product mix at The Saharaʼs bi-level complex High End audio exhibits. Who would have dared... Read More