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[Minneapolis, May 17, 2023] - We are thrilled to announce that Valerio Cora, Founder and CEO of Acora Acoustics Corporation, will be at the helm of a new independent corporation dedicated to guiding the Audio Research brand toward a future that will grow its strengths and legacy. This strategic vision and process aims to uphold the visionary and uncompromised principles laid down by the esteemed William Z. Johnson, the founding father of high-end audio and the visionary behind ARC.

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Maple Grove, MN. May 10th, 2023— Exclusive! Audio Research Corporation founded in 1970 by William Z. Johnson and most recently owned by TWS Enterprises, a company formed by former ARC employee Trent Suggs, no longer exists, but a new Audio Research Corporation has been created that will keep the company running as it has been for more than 50 years and at its current Maple Grove, MN headquarters. For all intents and purposes, customers, dealers, suppliers, employees and everyone doing business with, and loving the old Audio Research Corporation should not notice that anything has changed. The new owners will be announced Monday May 15th

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Soundsmith this week announced a series of new products timed for introduction just before Munich High End 2023. After a long hiatus, the company will again participate with a sound booth in Hall 3, stand N06/P07 and show these newly developed products.The picture at the top is of two TI (transimpedance phono preamp compatible) cartridges: the Hyperion MKII ES-TI and Sussurro MKII ES-TI. They are designed got be used with Soundsmith's new MCP-5 transimpedance... Read More

VPI announced today the Titan Direct turntable. Performance and technology are claimed to exceed that of VPI's Avenger Direct Drive with "improved double stack chassis", "magnetic direct drive system", "air suspension isolation" and "additional resonance canceling technology".The new Titan Direct, capable of mounting up to three arms comes standard with Fat Boy Gimbal tonearm and VTA base. VPI expects delivery to commence... Read More

Thorens launches a "New Reference" turntable tomorrow (May 5th). TrackingAngle received permission to make the announcement today. Those familiar with the original Thorens Reference Mk 1 turntable introduced in 1979 will see the design similarities, though this is a thoroughly new, 21st Century undertaking utilizing state of the art vibration control technology.

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On Wednesday April 19th I moderated a MusicWatch sponsored webinar titled "Fundamentals of Vinyl Record Care". The panelists were Spinclean's Mark Mawhinney, Finesound's Jeff Coates and Kirmuss Audio's Charles Kirmuss Each represented one of the three basic record cleaning methodologies: manual wet-vat, "velvet lip" vacuum and cavitation. Finesounds imports and distributes Pro-Ject record cleaning machines. The two others are... Read More