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By: Tracking Angle

March 1st, 2024



2xHD Vinyl Releases Triple 200g LP AAA Jaco Pastorius "Truth, Liberty & Soul"

first time ever cut all-analog!

On June 27th, 1982 electric bass genius Jaco Pastorius and the Word of Mouth Big Band featuring special guest Toots Thielemans performed at New York City's Avery Fisher Hall as part of George Wein's Kool Jazz Festival. The performance was recorded to 24 track analog tape using the Record Plant's mobile truck and mixed to two track analog tape, but this Deluxe, triple LP, 45rpm 200g edition is the first release cut using a direct copy of the original analog 2 track tape—the tape had been lost for 30 years and previous download versions were sourced using a digital remix of the 24 track tape.

This triple LP 2xHD set containing more than two hours of "extraordinary ground-breaking music" was mastered by René Laflamme sourced from first generation analog recordings without any digital corruption and cut all analog at Bernie Grundman Mastering. The set costs $120.00+ shipping and tax where applicable.

The album is also available on tape for $995:

The numbered package includes two audiophile SM900 tapes recorded at 15 ips in CCIR (also available in NAB), on two balanced metal reels manufactured in Germany by Feinwerktechnik allgäu and an elegant booklet. 2XHDRE-TD1245 Metal reel, 15 IPS CCIR tape, also available in NAB $995.00 USD + shipping.

The site contains many other great titles on vinyl, tape and digital.


  • 2024-03-01 07:46:38 PM

    Come on wrote:

    This album has such a poor sound quality (I have the Resonance and 2xHD digital releases), that I don’t expect any real advantage of the vinyl, even though it’s AAA.

    Comparing several of those 2xHD 45RPM AAA releases even with their digitally processed Resonance vinyl counterparts or the many 2xHD digital hires releases with their often CD quality Resonance digital releases makes me wonder about their masterings. They seem to use a ton of the best home audio high end gear, but with little to negative benefit in my perception. My favorite vinyl release of them is Shirley Horn - Softly, but even this one’s not better in all characteristics than the ORG Music 33 RPM, just as with their Pawnshop is bettered by the FIM vinyl and even the Bill Evans albums vs. the Resonance are also no absolute winner. Strange mastering results, interested in other opinions. Due to some advantages they have in those comparisons, I still buy the for me most important ones.

    • 2024-03-01 10:18:01 PM

      AnalogJ wrote:

      Really?? I have the Resonance and it sounds great.

      In any event, mixed down from the 24 track analog tapes to a stereo analog master or doing the same to make a high res digital master, I don't see much difference in the end.

      For this edition, if this had been mixed live from the 24 track tapes to the lacquers, THAT would have likely made for a significant difference.

      • 2024-03-02 06:53:31 AM

        Come on wrote:

        Don’t get me wrong, it certainly depends what you compare it to. I just think below a say 10 or at least 9 rating for basic sound quality, all those extra treatments make too limited sense (for the effort and final cost). The Resonance effort/cost ratio for this one’s fine, but I’d prefer a focus on the best recording quality choices for the expensive AAA, clarity, super vinyl, 45RPM you name it releases.

  • 2024-03-03 08:59:50 PM

    Robin Ventura wrote:

    Looking forward to this