Acoustic Sounds
The Harrow & The Harvest
By: Tracking Angle

September 18th, 2023



Acony Records Joins the Reel-to-Reel Tape Club

First tape offering is Gillian Welch's "The Harrow & the Harvest"

Gillian Welch's Grammy Nominated fifth album "The Harrow & the Harvest", originally released in 2011 finally got an all-analog vinyl release in 2017, with lacquers cut on a lovingly restored lathe; the project overseen by producer/musician David Rawlings and his partner Gillian Welch.

Now their Nashville-based Acony record label is again releasing the album, this time on reel-to-reel tape, produced to the same high standards. The tapes are real time 15 IPS 1/2 track 1/4" duplications using an original 30 IPS master tape on "...meticulously calibrated ATR 102 tape machines through a custom distribution system providing proper impedance matching and the most direct path for the highest possible fidelity."

According to the website offering on the Acony Records store site, the tapes are "Housed in a deluxe slipcase and custom tape boxes beautifully made by Stoughton printing and featuring the original artwork by John Dyer Baizley, each reel-to-reel set is personally produced by David Rawlings at Woodland Studios in Nashville, TN and hand leadered on two ¼” archival quality SM911 tapes. The set also includes a complete song lyric sheet as well as an exclusive photo print by Mark Seliger, hand printed by the artist himself, autographed by Mark Seliger, Gillian Welch and David Rawlings."

The tapes can be pre-ordered now with expected mid-November shipping.


  • 2023-09-18 03:49:13 PM

    JackG wrote:

    Not in the r-r market but I'd rather have a 45 of this than anything in the recent Atlantic 75 drop. I've played the 33 with regularity since being introduced to it by the "previous endeavor".

  • 2023-09-18 10:02:17 PM

    Michael Fremer wrote:

    Lol etc.

  • 2023-09-19 08:04:40 AM

    Georges wrote:

    Almost 700 bucks.

    • 2023-09-19 05:22:08 PM

      Silk Dome Mid wrote:

      Yeah, I guess having Dave Rawlings personally curate your tape doesn't come cheap!

  • 2023-09-25 04:04:28 PM

    PeterPani wrote:

    ouch!! That hurts! Ordered. Still to go for the White Stripes Ultratape and the Belafonte live....