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May 10th, 2024


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Analog2Fidelity At Munich High End 2024 Introduces Worldwide Koetsu Rebuilding Service

for all Koetsu cartridges

Gardena, CA—May 9, 2024—Analog2Fidelity, LLC proudly announces the launch of a groundbreaking service: the comprehensive rebuild of all Koetsu cartridges ever manufactured. Spearheaded by Arturo A. Manzano, Director of Analog2Fidelity, this initiative marks a significant milestone in the preservation of Koetsu's unparalleled legacy.

With over three decades of high-end audio experience, Arturo A. Manzano has cultivated an extensive network within the industry. Leveraging his deep-rooted connections with the craftsmen behind Koetsu's legendary cartridges, Manzano has made possible the revival of every Koetsu cartridge to its former glory.

"While Koetsu cartridges may no longer be in production, their spirit and essence remain alive through our meticulous rebuilding service," remarked Arturo A. Manzano. "By offering this service, we honor the visionary legacy of Sugano Yoshiaki, founder of Koetsu, and ensure that music lovers can continue to experience the sonic excellence that define Koetsu cartridges."

Renowned for their craftsmanship, Koetsu cartridges have earned a hallowed place in the hearts of audio enthusiasts globally. Now, thanks to Analog2Fidelity's efforts, owners of Koetsu cartridges can rest assured that their cherished pieces will be rejuvenated to their original brilliance.

For more information about Analog2Fidelity, LLC and their Koetsu cartridge rebuilding service, please visit

About Analog2Fidelity, LLC

Analog2Fidelity LLC is a leading provider of high-end audio solutions, dedicated to delivering exceptional sonic experiences to audiophiles worldwide. With a passion for excellence and a commitment to craftsmanship, Analog2Fidelity specializes in the repair and restoration of Koetsu cartridges. For more information,


  • 2024-05-10 12:35:10 PM

    It’s a trap wrote:

    This is fantastic news! Can't wait to hear about the first few reviews and a deeper dive from someone there that can go into depth on the process. I've been super stressed since the passing of the son not long ago and being in limbo. Hope the rebuild service can keep the house sound close to OG.

  • 2024-05-13 11:04:26 AM

    Tim wrote:

    I sent a enquiry through the website, never received a reply :*(

    • 2024-05-15 07:40:10 AM

      Georges wrote:

      Sad news.

  • 2024-05-15 07:39:47 AM

    Georges wrote:

    Koetsu no longer exists?

  • 2024-05-16 12:53:16 PM

    Jim Shue wrote:

    That website does not inspire confidence - at all!

    Mr, Manzano - do way better if you want to build customer support and belief in your services.

  • 2024-05-17 05:40:25 AM

    Come on wrote:

    This might help some who want to investigate further: