Acoustic Sounds
"A Love Supreme" double 45rpm UHQR
By: Michael Fremer

August 4th, 2023



Analogue Productions Announces Double 45rpm "A Love Supreme" Coming August 11th

cut by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound Nashville

Often, when a label has a tape out of the vault for a 33 1/3 rpm reissue, it uses the opportunity to also cut it at 45rpm, plate it, and hold onto it until a later 45rpm release. That's clearly the case here. Verve/Acoustic Sounds reissued A Love Supreme at 33 1/3 a few years ago cut by Ryan Smith from the master tape copy Rudy Van Gelder had sent to the U.K. shortly after the album was recorded.

When the original tape was found to be plagued with drop outs, Van Gelder got the copy returned and found it sounded better than the original. That's the tape used for the Verve/Acoustic Sounds reissue from a few years ago. The original tape was used more recently for the SuperSense lacquer issue program. It was also used quite some time ago by Speakers Corner for a reissue cut by Kevin Gray.

Will this new double 45 sound better than the 33 1/3 reissue? Probably. We'll get a copy and let you know. Meanwhile it's available for pre-order now and will begin shipping August 11th in an edition limited to 10,000 copies.

A Love Supreme UHQRYou can order a copy on the Acoustic Sounds website


  • 2023-08-05 05:47:34 AM

    Chris Kelly wrote:

    They must be scratching for fresh titles if they are doing this again. I might be in the minority but man why can't they release something that hasn't been done before, and by the same label nonetheless.

    Rant over.

    • 2023-08-07 07:31:17 AM

      Tim wrote:

      200% agree.. yawn

  • 2023-08-05 09:41:11 AM

    Georges wrote:

    150 $ + postage (10,71 for LA).

  • 2023-08-05 12:24:37 PM

    Come on wrote:

    Ok, so the same mastering, just on 45RPM and with the UHQR vinyl etc.

    Do you know from which tape the Grundman ORG 45RPM and the KG AP 45 RPM was sourced? I have no access to my records right now, but want to look later which of the three (Grundman ORG 45 or RKS AP 33 or Kevin Gray AP 45 sounded better to me.

    The only comparative you mentioned (the Speakers Corner) is the less interesting to compare because worst sounding. Comparisons (tape source, sound) with the others would be more helpful.

    • 2023-08-05 03:41:35 PM

      Come on wrote:

      Sorry, I confused Ballads with Love Supreme. There’s no ORG for LS. I just compared the AP33 RKS with the 2010 AP45 KG again. The 45 has mainly more top end energy and better resolution there, so which of the 45’s to prefer as soon as the UHQR is released, might depend on personal taste and system. For me it’s a matter of mood and track. Not sure if I’ll buy the UHQR to have the 33’s mastering once more on 45 and clear vinyl. I’ll listen carefully to both releases I have to see if I won’t prefer the KG anyway most of the time. But for all who don’t have it yet, this KG 45 sells for 300-400$ meanwhile, so this might be a good reason for the UHQR for most anyway.

  • 2023-08-05 05:26:12 PM

    Anthony J Russo wrote:

    I picked up a first pressing at Academy stereo for 160 they cleaned it sonically for me and sounds really well. A few weeks ago they gave me a mint media sleeve for laying around in the back. Bargains are still out there you just gotta dig. Will pass let 1% audiophile buy this

    • 2023-08-05 05:39:58 PM

      Michael Fremer wrote:

      My original RVG Impulse has a ground hum noise that begins as soon as the stylus hits the record. It’s the weirdest thing…

      • 2023-08-05 06:05:22 PM

        Anthony J Russo wrote:

        As you know pressing of that era. Like the hissing on the Six eye of K o B . Mono or Stereo Mike

        • 2023-08-29 11:23:08 AM

          Anthony J Russo wrote:

          Just re listened to ALS 1965 Stereo pressing have the same hum . Did not realize it until you pointed it out. Is that corrected with tge UHQR

      • 2023-08-07 08:20:34 PM

        freejazz00 wrote:

        Somewhere Steve Hoffman wrote about this in a fairly detailed article or post. I can't find that page, but I'll update here when I can provide a link. The gist of his comments was something to the effect of Van Gelder was recording in stereo during the period ALS was created, and mono Impulse copies are just mix downs of the stereo recordings. One case where the mono and stereo are different besides the mix down is ALS. The stereo version (if I remember correctly) has a hum or buzzing issue, while the mono does not. I don't recall if Hoffman specified a cause of the hum. I compared a mono second press to a stereo first press and that comparison made the hum evident such that I couldn't un-hear it. Maybe the UK backup tape doesn't have this issue?

        • 2023-08-09 12:43:53 AM

          Malachi Lui wrote:

          the mono of 'a love supreme' is still a fold down of the stereo recording. the hum on the original van gelder stereo cut is a defect, not a mixing difference.

  • 2023-08-05 11:24:49 PM

    Jake wrote:

    Boring. Can we get more interesting albums reissued?

    • 2023-08-05 11:57:46 PM

      Come on wrote:

      I’d second that, but I also understood, every 10 years or so, everybody must be given the right to own those well mastered war horses in 45 RPM. And those seem to be the only guarantee of good sales, at least a fair amount of them among the releases. This probably is, why we did and will hardly see any other practice since the last 30 and for the next 30 years. Those who live for the next 30 will probably have the 7th Love Supreme in 45 RPM by then, released 2-3 years after the respective new 33 RPM’s (the same with all the other albums we currently already own in 4 different remasterings). If you want to listen to different music, you have to stream it or own Japanese pressings or originals. It’s a business, it’s not just to please us unfortunately. ;-)

    • 2023-08-06 02:24:33 AM

      Terje Leknes wrote:

      Which ones ?

      • 2023-08-06 11:08:14 AM

        Come on wrote:

        During the last years, most from the previous AP 45 RPM Impulse and Verve catalog was rereleased by AP on 33, as well as much/part of the complete Fantasy catalog previously available as 45 RPM. In parallel quite a bit of the same releases we’re done by new labels like Craft, the new OJC series, partly Rhino etc. I bet the next thing in the upcoming years will be to reissue big parts of the Fantasy catalog in 45 again, maybe the Miles quintets again in 45 as they were already released as 33 200g again and are OOP already.

        I’m convinced the many great reissue labels and majors will alternate mostly the same catalog over and over again in different speeds over the upcoming years. The same with Blue Note titles. Simply because it quite safely sells. Fortunately a few uncommon releases will be among them, as we especially see within Blue Note releases. If you want to see what’s upcoming, just see what was already released and sold. So far my guess. Classical seems to have sold so badly in comparison, that there’s even hardly any repeated release.

        • 2023-08-07 12:32:23 AM

          Terje Leknes wrote:

          I mostly agree with all that. I probably should have replied to Jake saying "Can we get more interesting albums reissued? So which albums would you guys like to see reissued ? (They should be able to sell a few thousand copies)

    • 2023-08-07 07:31:45 AM

      Tim wrote:


  • 2023-08-06 06:17:22 PM

    Georges wrote:

    2 X 45 for an album not even lasting 33'?

  • 2023-08-07 07:26:58 AM

    Tim wrote:

    I echo the "boring" comments... same releases again and again. There is an obsession on continuing to cash in on Jazz classics and boomer-friendly 60s and 70s titles.

    I love that music too, but enough is enough..

    If the industry has an interest in fostering interest for the long term, it really needs to broaden its horizons on reissues.

    When mofi started doing UHQRs in the early 80s, the albums they released were all recorded in the 10 to 15 years that preceeded.

    At this rate, Id take ANYTHING that already hasnt had a UHQR/Audiophile release from the last 40 years if its interesting

  • 2023-08-07 11:30:35 AM

    Thom Edison wrote:

    Wow. Another easy to license release from AP's catalog. How convenient. I didn't expect this level of greed from Acoustic Sounds. Why don't they get some balls and release , some great lost albums like Dr. John. Art Blakely, and Dave Newman, Bluesiana Triangle, for instance. Or Pink Floyd, the wall. Instead, we get mediocre titles like this UHQR. I don't want the same stuff sold to me over and over again. I don't care how good it sounds.


    • 2023-08-07 11:51:44 AM

      Anthony J Russo wrote:

      Finally people are waking up !

      • 2023-08-08 07:15:50 PM

        Jeff 'Glotz' Glotzer wrote:

        OR just all of the Boomers are turning into old, grumpy men.

        • 2023-08-09 01:34:45 AM

          Anthony J Russo wrote:

          I am Gen-X

  • 2023-08-08 01:06:42 AM

    AnalogJ wrote:

    So my reasons for not getting this is because I question whether splitting this music up over four sides, given that this is a suite, might interrupt the flow, the way the 45rpm set of What's Going On did. Not because it's a 33 minute album, but about interrupting the intention of the music.

    The ORG 45rpm of Johnny Hartmann/John Coltrane is gorgeous. I have no problem getting up a couple of more times to hear it, even though the record is 34 minutes long. If done well, records done at 45 can sound spectacular.