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By: Michael Fremer

November 18th, 2022


Industry News

Andover Audio Debuts $249 SpinStage MM/MC Phono Preamp

first in new "Soundbite" series

Andover Audio's new $249 (MSRP) Spinstage MM/MC phono preamp housed in a clear finish bead blasted anodized aluminum chassis features a series of design innovations rarely found in budget MM/MC phono preamps including a separate MC stage using ultra-low-noise discrete transistors in a type of transconductance topology.

Another cool feature is an "aux input" that returns to users the usurped input. In other words, you can add the Spinstage and not lose a preamp input.

Circuit features include selectable capacitance loading—an unusually wide range of 15 options— for MM cartridges, 40.5dB and 60.5dB (with 10 ohm MC source) gain, and a bypassable 12dB/octave subsonic filter.

The specs are impressive:

RIAA Equalization Accuracy:                         ±0.1dB typ., 0.2dB max

Overall Frequency Response:                        0.5Hz–50kHz, ±1dB

Signal/Noise Ratio (unweighted):                   MM, 78dB; MC, 76dB (referenced to 50 ohm source)

Input Impedance, MM (selectable):                8k ohm, 22k ohm, 47k ohm, 100k ohm

Input Impedance, MC (effective):                   0 ohm

Input Capacitance, MM (selectable):             0pF, 22pF, 47pF, 69pF, 100pF, 122pF, 147pF, 169pF, 220pF, 242pF, 267pF, 289pF, 320pF, 342pF, 389pF

Nominal Gain, MM:                                         40.5dB

Nominal Gain, MC:                                         66.5dB (with 10 ohm source)

Subsonic Filter:                                               20Hz, 12db/octave, bypassable

Typical Output Level:                                      500mV RMS

Max Output Level:                                          8V RMS

Input Overload, MM:                                       120mV @ 1kHz

Input Overload, MC:                                       6mV @ 1kHz

Aux Input:                                                        Direct passthrough via relay, no active circuitry

Power Requirements:                                     15vDC/500mA

Dimensions:                                                    71⁄4" W × 17⁄8" H × 41⁄2" D

Weight:                                                            1.1 lbs (500g)

Finish:                                                             Fine bead-blasted clear anodized aluminum

 Andover Audio offers a 60-day home trial and free shipping/returns so that customers can audition the SpinStage in their own listening environments.