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May 10th, 2023


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Audio Research Corporation Is Dead! Long Live the New Restructured Audio Research Corporation!

new owners

While this may sound unusual it is not. In order to protect all parties, the "old" Audio Research Corporation had to be dissolved and a new one formed. As many of you have for some time known, in early April the original ARC entered into an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors (ABC), with Lighthouse Management Group Inc. as the assignee. This is a voluntary alternative to bankruptcy in which the debtor company's assets get transferred to a trust controlled by the assignee, which then makes all operational and financial decisions to dispose of the assets for the benefit of the company's creditors.

This can result in all of the assets being sold off, or as what's just been announced here, a "white knight" steps in, pays off the debt (or whatever financial arrangement satisfied the creditors), acquires the assets and forms a new company with the goal of keeping the company up and running as it was previous to the company's current financial difficulties.

The new owners have examined all aspects of the old company's operations and have determined that it can successfully operate a new company under new management and with a new infusion of capital. As for who the owner is (or owners are), please watch this space tomorrow for full details including the names of the new owners.

This is great news for the entire High Performance Audio community! The new owners will be announced May 15th

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  • 2023-05-11 03:22:29 AM

    Anton wrote:

    Meet the new boss!

    • 2023-05-11 07:00:07 PM

      Ivan Bacon wrote:

      Same as the old boss?

      • 2023-05-11 07:10:39 PM

        David Blumensrein wrote:

        That would defeat the purpose. No?

  • 2023-05-11 11:24:11 PM

    James wrote:

    I'm glad to hear this news. I have an ARC preamp that I love and was concerned about future service if needed.

  • 2023-05-12 12:24:51 AM

    Michael Fremer wrote:

    There will be changes made.

    • 2023-05-12 12:43:19 AM

      Anton wrote:

      Great song! As a diversion... Fascinatingly, the Diahann Carroll version from January 1978 (!!) was Soundstream's first commercial release, "Diahann Carroll With the Duke Ellington Orchestra Under The Direction Of Mercer Ellington – A Tribute To Ethel Waters" - - - - an early early digital recording and that cut sounds surprisingly good!

      Initially sold in Hi Fi stores, no less. We listened at a cool audio store called Q Audio in Reno back in the day. At first, many listeners actually confused it with the 'direct to disc' sound of the era.

    • 2023-05-15 11:27:26 AM

      PTG wrote:

      There has to be... Remember the definition of "INSANITY" ??? Yup...

  • 2023-05-12 01:16:56 PM

    JEB-42 wrote:

    ARC will be in excellent hands.

    • 2023-05-12 06:30:01 PM

      Anton wrote:

      Do we know who?

      • 2023-05-13 09:23:57 PM

        Kevin Deal wrote:

        I don't know, but I suspect (and I'm pretty sure) it is one of their suppliers which would make sense because they can lower their COGs and the company I'm thinking of has some manufacturing experience.

        It will take some work but I'm so glad they didn't get dissolved. It's a competitive market today and you can't do the same things that you used to. Look at the other two big tube brands from 20 years ago. Barely a blip on the radar.

        This is a new world, and you can't just say "We're the best". You need to actually BE the best, and prove it. I wish them the best going forward.

        • 2023-05-15 11:25:47 AM

          PTG wrote:

          So many great consumer electronics coming from all corners of the world. Manufacturing in the USA is still preferred by Americans but will always come at a premium. They have to prove that they are worth the premium.

  • 2023-05-14 02:44:02 PM

    bwb wrote:

    No need to guess, the clues in this announcement make it obvious. First , we read it on Fremer's web site. How did he know? Then we see it is a White Knight stepping up. Who's white and last name has the same numbers of letters as Knight? Obviously a coded reference to white Fremer who clearly states changes will be made. How can he know that unless he is the buyer? My only question is will he change the name to Fremer Research or leave it as is.

  • 2023-05-14 10:24:33 PM

    Christopher Frank wrote:

    Perhaps this the reason they went into receivership? Audio Autopsy Reference 750 Flagship

    • 2023-05-15 11:26:54 AM

      PTG wrote:

      He is quite the character.. But he does have a lot of points worth pondering over.

    • 2023-09-06 11:23:49 PM

      Bruce Weiser wrote:

      I would like to note that as an Audio Research customer for about 25 years. In addition to reliable and great sounding gear, they have had the best customer service, repair department and technical support. The 750 video is missing a few key points, while that prototype model is no bargain, many of their pieces do represent a good value, often among best in class. In the 750 video example if the tubes cost $ 6,000 the misc. parts probably cost $ 2500, then there is R& D, labor and profit. Sounds like these cost ARC $ 15-$ 20,000.00 to manufacturer. Lastly maintaining parts for 50 years of models and the level of service and made in America cost more money. There are many brands that you can never get support on and repairing them can be dicey. I am sticking with ARC.

  • 2023-05-15 07:27:18 PM

    AJ wrote:

    The audio autopsy on the REF750SE doesn’t really take into account that this model is more like a no holds barred prototype. I think it was limited to a run of 10 pairs. The goal was sonic bliss, not art. The $85k per pair price point is low compared to many high end pairs that are meant for general commercial distribution.

    • 2023-05-15 11:34:55 PM

      bwb wrote:

      and if only 10 pairs built, how does he know what they sold for? A self described "jack ass with an opinion"

      • 2023-05-16 12:11:16 AM

        AJ wrote:

        Most sold for $75k. The price was only raised to $85k this year. There has been a used pair at TMR that’s a bit beaten up , with no specific info on tube hours. It’s been languishing unsold in the $25k range for months. I love ARC, but I don’t want to have a pair of amps that requires 36 KT150s in the present scarcity situation.

        • 2023-05-16 05:31:44 AM

          bwb wrote:

          mind if I ask how you know that? If no more than 10 pair sold... how do you know how much for each?

  • 2023-05-15 11:34:16 PM

    Joe Schmoe wrote:

    Acora Acoustics

    • 2023-05-16 12:16:44 AM

      AJ wrote:

      Unless you’re confirming, this rumor has been undermined by other reports. Maybe Val is the new owner, but so far there’s no formal announcement .

  • 2023-05-16 12:14:56 AM

    AJ wrote:

    It’s looking like a premature prediction of the announcement. If these teasers hadn’t been extended, I’d have thought that the announcement would not precede Wednesday’s hearing.