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Nagra Reference Turntable
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February 26th, 2024


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Audio Technology Switzerland (Nagra) Announces New Reference Turntable

launched two years after the limited edition Reference Anniversary turntable

Romanel, Switzerland – 23 February 2024—The Swiss company announces the introduction of a new turntable. The Reference turntable joins the limited edition Reference Anniversary turntable in Nagra’s flagship Reference line of products.

Nagra Reference turntable highlights are:

· Massive 25lb. Swiss made CNC machined, dual decoupled, super-cap motor drive system

· Spheroidal graphite iron shaft/bearing housing

· Maintenance free sintered bronze, high temp/pressure oil impregnated shaft bearing

· Bearing comprised of ultra-high polished, stacked carbide balls

· Aerospace grade aluminium/phenolic constrained layer damped platter

· Alcantara platter surface

· Belt transmission inspired by the legendary Nagra IV series of reel to reel recorders

· Non-resonant, high rigidity constrained layer chassis

· Floating mechanical and hydraulic suspension

· Pure copper record weight

· Dual concentric carbon fiber uni-pivot tonearm with unique geometrical bearing profile

· OCC copper tonearm wiring

· Unique no-contact magnetic anti-skating

· Camera lens-like “on the fly” adjustable VTA

· HD size chassis linear power supply featuring oversized medical grade silent transformer and ultra-low noise regulators

The Reference turntable was designed as a system. This means that the turntable and its tonearm were designed to work from the “ground up” as a unified playback system. Careful consideration was given to the development of a tonearm with performance capabilities commensurate with the turntable itself. For those who prefer to supply their own tonearm, Nagra offers an armless version of the Reference turntable with arm board options to accommodate most tonearms.

MSRP $128K, shipping now.


W x D = 661 mm x 451 mm (26 inches x 17.7 inches)

Weight = ~80 kg (~176 lbs.)

Nagra Reference turntable Nagra Reference turntable



  • 2024-02-27 12:35:52 AM

    Silk Dome Mid wrote:

    My wife says "Gotta get two, one for upstairs, one for the living room." She's the best!

  • 2024-02-28 06:48:58 AM

    Paul G wrote:

    Hello, what are your thoughts about arm compatibility and the kuzma saphir in particular? I don't believe you ever reviewed the anniversary model and its carbon arm! So would most appreciate your opinion Thank you Paul

  • 2024-02-28 08:06:35 AM

    Volki wrote:

    Looks like the SME 60, but is it worth the surcharge?

    • 2024-03-01 11:10:37 AM

      Zeotrope wrote:

      "Worth" is always subjective. It's actually very different than the SME 60; but there are some similarities, I agree.