Acoustic Sounds
Metaxas turntable
By: Michael Fremer

April 16th, 2024


Hi-Fi Shows

AXPONA 2024 Day One Video Coverage

a visual drive-by more than a room by room product list

I was getting a whole lotta love on a crowded AXPONA elevator this past weekend, really enjoying the incoming. A guy stepped off at my floor and said “I guess a lot of people know you. I don’t...but nice meeting you”. This'll sound obnoxious and self-serving but I said to him, “Are you new to this?” “I am,” he replied. “I’m only here because my fourteen-year old daughter wants a turntable”. How great is that? I handed him a business card and told him if he had any questions to please get in touch. Good dad.

Video was shot in 4K using a new DJI Pocket3. I did my "due diligence" on YouTube to check the compatibility of the Rode Go II wireless mic system I use. Repeatedly, the "experts" said "just connect up using a USB C cable and you are good to go." And I believed them.

Turns out it's compatible only after you download a firmware update using the Rode app you also have to download. Something I only found out about after reviewing a lot of whatever word replaces "footage" that I shot. The main audio track attached to the video was 0dB digital noise. Pure sonic chaos. Fortunately, somehow, there was also an independent WAV file for each video. The sound needed work and the sync was problematic, which is really weird for "digital", but I managed to cut and paste a way for it to never get too far out. Won't happen again.

AXPONA 2024 was a rousing success in every way. Attendance—at least on Friday and Saturday—was strong all day. Sunday was a balmy Chicago beauty so the crowd was down. Still, everyone I spoke with was happy with the traffic. Chad Kassem told me on Sunday that he sold the most new records ever at a hi-fi show. Like they say, "vinyl is dead".

The video opens with AXISS's Arturo Manzano announcing he'd worked out a deal with the Sugano family to offer a Koetsu cartridge retipping service using original parts and done by the original techs. Big news for Koetsu lovers.

The legendary Alphason titanium tonearm is back. Comparing to the newest will be interesting. And on it goes on this hour long video, but don't miss the end where Frank Sinatra authority Chuck Granata talks about Frank's career-changing Sing and Dance With Frank Sinatra IMPEX is about to release as a "1Step". That's followed by Ortofon's Leif Johannsen's cartridge construction "Master Class". The computer generated graphics are amazing. I did a turntable set-up seminar in the morning. It turned amusing but I'm not going to get into it here. Friday night my partners and I hosted a big dinner for Tracking Angle writers and advertisers whose support we deeply appreciate.

You might also enjoy this interview with Cool Cleveland's Thomas Mulready who is notorious camera spinner.


  • 2024-04-16 12:02:37 PM

    Jeff 'Glotz' Glotzer wrote:

    Fun show! I brought 3 newbies to AXPONA on Saturday and they had a blast! I had to follow what they wanted to see and hear. I missed your seminar on Friday and much of the Steve & Herb show on Saturday, but oh well, great show with tons of friendly reps everywhere. I think one of my friends now has the vinyl bug despite being a CD head... Please come back next year, Michael!

  • 2024-04-16 08:47:07 PM

    Jim Shue wrote:

    AXPONA 2024 was the best ever! Best Show environment since the late 80s-early 90s heyday of Vegas CES. Munich sounds pretty cool but I've never been. Scored a lot of cool LPs from Chad-Acoustic Sounds and from the nice people at Elusive Disc as well.

    Of course I was highly entertained by the Kirmuss White Lab Coat LARP - LOL. A VERY good machine for the money (save your money to get the Kirmuss - everything priced less is some form of junk to barely acceptable - why bother) but the marketing pitch is so bad it's good?

    Mikey I never ran into you - would have loved to meet you and thank you for launching the best website this industry has seen in a long time. More Ken Redmond, Mark Ward, Michael Johnson, Dave McNair and Dean Cacioppo please! imo your 5 best writers - honorable mention to Fred Kaplan as well. Would love to see more equipment reviews!

    • 2024-04-17 09:17:47 PM

      Ronan O’Gorman wrote:

      I would like to add Malachi Lui to the list of excellent writers. Malachi's writing is well researched, interesting and I have purchased a number of lps based upon his album reviews.

  • 2024-04-17 09:07:45 PM

    Paul Faughnan wrote:

    Land office business! Chicago roliing in money! NYC audio show cancelled again. SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!