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November 17th, 2023



Blue Note Announces 2024 “Tone Poet” Releases

as always an eclectic mix

Blue Note Records has announced the 2024 line-up for the Tone Poet Audiophile Vinyl Reissue Series. The acclaimed series is produced by the “Tone Poet” Joe Harley and features definitive all-analog, 180g audiophile vinyl reissues that are mastered from the original master tapes by Kevin Gray of Cohearent Audio. Tone Poet vinyl is manufactured at RTI and packaged in deluxe gatefold tip-on jackets.

 The titles were once again handpicked by Harley and include acknowledged treasures of the Blue Note catalog as well as underrated classics, modern era standouts, and albums from other labels under the Blue Note umbrella including Pacific Jazz, Transition, and United Artists. Newly announced titles begin January 5th at the start of Blue Note’s 85th anniversary year with the release of Elvin Jones’s unfettered 1969 post-bop exploration Poly-Currents and Lou Donaldson’s 1968 soul jazz manifesto Midnight Creeper, both of which are available for pre-order now on theBlue Note Store.

 “We are thrilled to present the 2024 Tone Poet line up,” says Harley. “You’ll notice 3 rare titles from Transition Records, the label founded by legendary producer Tom Wilson. These mono titles from the mid-50s may be new to you but the artists featured on these sessions include Donald Byrd, Hank Mobley, Art Blakey, and Horace Silver. For you Bobby Hutcherson and Jackie McLean fans, 2024 will be a banner year with 3 each of their most cherished albums. 2024 also sees the release of one my all-time favorite Wayne Shorter albums, the majestic Odyssey of Iska. There’s much more greatness but do keep your eyes and ears open for a very special addition to the line-up that will be announced early next year. As always, every one of these was cut directly from the original analog master tapes.”Tone Poet Audiophile Vinyl Reissue Series – 2024 Release Schedule:


January 5, 2024

  • Lou Donaldson – Midnight Creeper (Blue Note, 1968)

  • Elvin Jones – Poly-Currents (Blue Note, 1969)


February 2, 2024

  • Blue Mitchell – Down With It (Blue Note, 1965)

  • Joe Lovano – Trio Fascination: Edition One(Blue Note, 1997)


March 1, 2024

  • Jackie McLean – Action (Blue Note, 1964)

  • Booker Ervin – Tex Book Tenor (Blue Note, 1968)


April 5, 2024

  • Horace Silver – Silver’s Serenade (Blue Note, 1963)

  • Anthony Williams – Life Time (Blue Note, 1964)


May 3, 2024

  • Donald Byrd – Byrd’s Eye View (Transition, 1955)

  • Bobby Hutcherson – Total Eclipse (Blue Note, 1968)


June 7, 2024

  • Doug Watkins – Watkins At Large (Transition, 1956)

  • Kenny Dorham & Jackie McLean – Inta Somethin’ (Pacific Jazz, 1961)


July 5, 2024

  • Donald Byrd – Byrd Blows On Beacon Hill(Transition, 1956)

  • Wayne Shorter – Odyssey of Iska (Blue Note, 1970)


August 2, 2024

  • Lee Morgan – Taru (Blue Note, 1968)

  • Bobby Hutcherson – Medina (Blue Note, 1969)


September 6, 2024

  • The Modest Jazz Trio (Jim Hall/Red Mitchell/Red Kelly) – Good Friday Blues (Pacific Jazz, 1960)

  • Jackie McLean – Let Freedom Ring (Blue Note, 1962)


October 4, 2024

  • Booker Little – Booker Little 4 and Max Roach(United Artists, 1958)

  • Donald Byrd – Kofi (Blue Note, 1969-70)


November 1, 2024

  • Clifford Jordan – Cliff Jordan (Blue Note, 1957)

  • Bobby Hutcherson – Dialogue (Blue Note, 1965)


December 6, 2024

  • Freddie Roach – Good Move (Blue Note, 1963)

  • Hank Mobley – A Slice of the Top (Blue Note, 1966)



  • 2023-11-17 09:44:36 PM

    Come on wrote:

    Hutcherson Dialogue, the rest -I’m thinking and have to listen again to a few - I’ve seen better choices, but others my look forward to more of them.

    • 2023-11-18 01:22:16 AM

      Come on wrote:

      • Inta Something
    • 2023-11-20 12:50:05 AM

      Bryan M. wrote:

      Well the whole Tone Poet project was always going to have a finite ending. With their refusal to duplicate any MMJ titles (other than Blue Train for the anniversary), they were eventually going to hit the third string of titles that very few people will be interested in. I have every TP so far, but that streak will end next year. I'm not going to buy a dozen or more $40 records that I will never listen to.

      • 2023-11-20 03:40:22 PM

        bwb wrote:

        3rd string?? Not that it is the definitive source for reviews, but most have 4-5 stars on All Music so at least worth checking them out. I'll probably end up buying them..

      • 2023-11-24 12:12:17 AM

        Come on wrote:

        While I also won’t buy most of those, I wouldn’t say there are no better ones left for at least 2 more series. I’d just choose others. And I’m happy they don’t repeat choices of MM or others.

        We can be glad they release new ones, but here, as well as in case of Speakers Corner I often wonder about many in my opinion questionable choices even when considering very different tastes than mine..

  • 2023-11-18 11:36:42 AM

    Come on wrote:

    Looking at Poly-Currents and the 2024 lineup, it seems much of the selection this time is of an era where we’d prefer blank covers ;-)

  • 2023-11-24 05:22:19 AM

    chet wrote:

    They’re all good music,but maybe the classic series will have some big surprises ….

  • 2023-11-29 11:33:10 PM

    KUJayhawk84 wrote:

    Hutcherson and McLean have three titles each ... and you get the both on McLean's Action!

    Dialogue will be well-suited to a quiet pressing.

    I wonder photo/artwork what they will choose for the Mobley Slice record? This one definitely deserves the sonic upgrade.

    Kofi is a sleeper ... can't wait for it. Taru as well.

    Really an interesting list ... something for everyone indeed!