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By: Michael Fremer

December 6th, 2023


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Capital Audio Fest 2023 Longform Video 2—Final Show Coverage

a lot of stuff

Tracking Angle's second and final long form video shot at Capital Audio Festival 2023, November 10-12th begins with a lot of VPI coverage because VPI brought a whole lotta turntables to the show—probably every model currently manufactured. How do they keep tabs on their SKU's?

Then it's on to Sikora in the CommandAV room, Genesis Audio Technologies' new "no holds barred" cartridge, Haniwa's new tonearm and super low internal impedance cartridge (etc.) many loudspeakers and so much more.....

This is a perusal video, not one where each room's gear is broken down by model and price—as especially it's not a review of room by room show sound. Hotel room sound is notoriously poor, though some manage to get pretty good sonic results. Still, overall, what's the point?

If you look under those videos and online stories that attempt to give you model numbers and prices of everything in each room, including cables, room treatment and accessories, you'll find not many comments.

It's clear by the comments or lack thereof, that people are more interested in the general not the specifics in show coverage. If something piques a reader or viewer's interest, he or she (being an optimist) knows how to find the manufacturer's website to gather greater detail. This is just a long, but fast moving show "drive-by". Enjoy! and please.

However, there were are few standout rooms including the Acora, ampsandsound room, the big Acora, ARC, VPI room, the TAD room (in the previous long form video), the Heritage Thoress room, and some others that stood out.

Capital Audio Fest 2023 has become a "well-oiled" and well-attended machine. Congratulations to Gary and Lou and all involved in planning and running the show! See ya next year!