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New comments section
By: Malachi Lui

February 25th, 2024


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A New Way To Comment!

Improvements to the Tracking Angle comments section

After some constructive feedback, Tracking Angle is excited to implement a new formatting system for reader comments. Our comments section now supports Markdown, an incredibly easy markup language that anyone can quickly learn. With this formatting system, your multi-paragraph comments section essays might finally draw an audience, rather than being a massive wall of text that elicits the response of “too long; didn’t read.” Here’s a simple guide to using Markdown when writing comments (also available as a table here):

Bold text: Use two asterisks on each side of the text you’re trying to bold. When writing your comment, it will look like: **emphasized bold text**.

Italics: Same as above, except with only one asterisk on each end. Example: *italic text*.

Block quote: Some commenters like to quote us to argue their point. For this, use the block quote feature by typing > at the beginning of the quote. This makes your block quote centered, italicized, and bolded. Then, continue your prose masterpiece in the next paragraph.

Lists: Now you can list all the reasons you don’t like Matchbox 20, or rank every Rolling Stones album to prove that Hackney Diamonds lands right at the very bottom. Make your points through an unordered bulleted list, preceding each point with a hyphen and a space. Or, you can make a numbered list, with numbers immediately followed by a period, then your statement. Numbered lists are only in sequential order—ex. 1, 2, 3—with no reverse countdown ability.

Links: Insert links in your text with the code [text](hyperlink). No space between [text] and (hyperlink).

Headings: A very convenient way for you to identify which part of your essay we actually need to read. Use # followed by a space for a large heading, ## then space for a medium heading, or ### then space for a small heading.

Here’s what a well-organized comment will look like as you type it:

Comment being typed

And here’s what the posted result will be:

Posted commentNow it’s your turn to use these tips and comment away!


  • 2024-02-25 01:23:35 PM

    Zaphod wrote:

    Wow, ** now ** there is more work involved to comment!

    Just testing this function to see it in action.

    This is so cool

    I will start using these tools

    But first I need..

    • To think out my comment fully
    • A preview option would help


    1. To write down my comment
    2. Proof read it
    3. Links will be tried later

    Thanks so much for the informative help!

    • 2024-02-25 01:26:12 PM

      Zaphod wrote:

      Yes, a preview would be nice, then I could have seen my oops in formatting before hitting the submit button.

      • 2024-02-25 01:34:31 PM

        Michael Fremer wrote:

        I'll see if that's a possible add-on...

        • 2024-02-25 02:44:38 PM

          Anton wrote:

          Posting pics?

        • 2024-02-27 12:54:24 PM

          JACK L wrote:

          Hi Mikey

          I always use my labtop. Is the new posting system allow posting pictures. If so, how ?

          JACK L

          • 2024-02-27 12:59:32 PM

            Malachi Lui wrote:

            not sure our system supports user picture uploads (yet).

  • 2024-02-25 04:40:52 PM

    Come on wrote:

    Unbelievable that interfaces like this one here still exist at all.

  • 2024-02-25 05:59:41 PM

    Come on wrote:

    A properly working notification in case of answers would be even more important.

  • 2024-02-25 11:11:17 PM

    bwb wrote:

    I suppose any ability to format a comment here is an improvement, but of all the sites I visit, this is certainly the most **archaic. **

    • 2024-02-25 11:12:24 PM

      bwb wrote:

      why didn't archaic get bolded ? test

      • 2024-02-25 11:13:28 PM

        bwb wrote:

        **archaic **

        • 2024-02-25 11:14:20 PM

          bwb wrote:

          so the space confused it, cute, like it's 1980, not 2024

          • 2024-03-29 11:04:44 PM

            Jeff 'Glotz' Glotzer wrote:

            Crap in, Crap out.

  • 2024-02-26 04:42:00 AM

    Roger Staton wrote:

    I suppose this is progress. But having to write in a 'code' to express yourself is analogous to writing correctly in the English language with correct punctuation in the world today.

    • 2024-02-26 09:19:00 PM

      Zaphod wrote:

      I am into Analogue!