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Mendelssohn In Scotland Maag/LSO
By: Tracking Angle

March 23rd, 2024



ERC Signs DECCA Licensing Deal

first release announced today—"Mendelssohn In Scotland"

The Electric Recording Company yesterday (March 22nd) announced that it now has a licensing deal to issue records from the DECCA catalog. This is good news for those who can afford these limited edition records cut directly from the analog masters using ERC's restored 1965 Ortofon/Lyrec cutting system, with no added equalization, compression or other signal processing. All sleeve and artwork letter-pressed and hand made.

ERC "Mendelssohn in Scotland

This first title, Mendelssohn in Scotland will have a 300 copy run and is priced at £395 U.K. pounds. This sounds like a great deal of money but as we pointed out yesterday the bidding on a "sealed" copy of Are You Experienced? with no guarantee of what's actually inside or its condition is currently more than $750.

Which would you rather have? That or this? If this, you can pre-order here.


  • 2024-03-23 02:54:15 PM

    Mark Ward wrote:

    What this demonstrates to me is that Decca's master tapes for these legendary recordings are in sufficiently good condition that they can be mastered and cut AAA - with NO digital step. Therefore Decca itself could be doing vinyl releases along the lines of DG's Original Source series and making these records available to a wider vinyl loving public. While I will not begrudge ERC's customers their ability to buy these reissues, it is such a shame that Decca (and EMI) do not allow their amazing back-catalogues be available to a more general consumer base. I also wish these reissue companies would focus on some of the less well-known titles rather than the same old audiophile war horses. Don't get me wrong - this is a fabulous record in any of its incarnations, but there is so much more in the Decca catalogue worthy of AAA vinyl reissue.

    • 2024-03-23 03:08:52 PM

      Michael Stöber wrote:

      I am with you Mark! I think there is a market for this. DGG proved it and others should follow.

    • 2024-03-23 03:54:32 PM

      Josquin des Prez wrote:

      I agree whole-heartedly. ERC is never going to get any of my money, but Decca would if they did a AAA series like others (DG Classics, Blue Note, OJC, et al.).

    • 2024-03-23 03:57:56 PM

      Come on wrote:

      Don’t get me started on ERC. I’m with you on your points and the best I can say otherwise is, there’s always a market for everything.

      I’m buying records for a few hundred $ most months, so I’m really a potential customer, but their business model seems kind of sick to me. An artificially limited run, no mastering (mostly or always? …and no matter if the tape would have needed it or not?), a partly questionable qc and a sound quality that seems to sometimes but not always better the releases sold for a fraction. It’s for sure a welcome addition to other market offers for review sample receivers (and this is not meant as criticism against the latter, that’s just usual business), but too few can have fun with such products due to the price and especially the artificial shortage. It serves the music/vinyl/audiophile scene too little to be as excited about it as we usually are of any such intiatives. I rather admire folks like Chad and others who provide comparable quality to a majority.

    • 2024-03-24 01:35:29 PM

      Dwight wrote:

      Very good point, Mark. So, is it possible for you to please reach out to Decca. You have more clout and respect and should be provided some response. Kudos Mark!

  • 2024-03-23 07:41:02 PM

    Zaphod wrote:

    Yikes! $550 for the pre-order.

    I remember the days when I had way too much disposable income to splurge on items like that. However, those days are over so I could “retire” early.

  • 2024-03-23 07:55:23 PM

    NLak wrote:

    I agree with you Mark, before I complain and say I think these prices are crazy, I will plead guilty and admit in the past, I too paid some crazy amounts for purchases liked those early Esoteric SACDs, and hard to find early 80s CDs, and early 60s EMI and Decca pressings, so I am not one to pass judgement. However, I do wish like you said that EMI or Decca would do what DG has been doing with their catalog and repress some of their jewels from their vault. Those who have the stomach and means to order from ERC more power to you, you’ll get no negative vibes from me. Just wish DG had started a trend with the other big recording companies.

  • 2024-03-24 12:26:16 AM

    topround wrote:

    another sign the end is near for the hobby......when only the 1 per-centers can buy quality records....

    • 2024-03-24 10:06:28 AM

      Zaphod wrote:

      I have plenty of quality records that I purchased for around forty bucks.

      Also, I am not a 1 per-center but I am in the 1 Percentile.

  • 2024-03-25 02:45:14 AM

    Jennnifer Martin wrote:

    I couldn't agree more, Mark. Decca and EMI: take a clue from DGG, sell more records and further your legacies to a new generation.

  • 2024-03-25 04:46:43 AM

    David Gow wrote:

    The ERC business model is silly and the fact that people buy their records does not make it any less silly. Mark Ward above is correct to request the major record companies to issue their back catalogues in the 40-50 price range. They should do this not for altruistic reasons but because they will make money. It is ridiculous that Universal do not keep the Coltrane Verve’s in their vinyl catalog. Coltrane sells so why turn away business?