Acoustic Sounds
By: Michael Fremer

March 20th, 2024


Editor's Choice

"Getz/Gilberto" File Reveal

which "snippet" was which?

The Impex 1Step Getz/Gilberto review included 30 second hi-res "snippets" of seven different pressings: an early original, the 1994 Mobile-Fidelity, the Speakers Corner mastered by Kevin Gray, two George Marino mastered versions (45rpm released 2011 and the 33 1/3 issued in 2020), the Supersense lacquer and of course Impex's 1Step double 45.

And here's which was which:


2. Speaker’s Corner

3. OG

4. Impex

5) AP 45

6) lacquer

7) AP 33

And there you have it!


  • 2024-03-20 04:53:24 PM

    Ivan Bacon wrote:

    I would be interested in opinions as to the best since I find it pointless to listen to digitized music on my crappy Imac speakers. I do have an OG that i love.

  • 2024-03-21 09:05:01 AM

    PeterPani wrote:

    A pity of going reel-to-reel-tape is that I am not able to compare different editions of vinyl anymore. There is no sense in buying a certain title on vinyl, if I own it on tape already - the chance that the vinyl edition is better is much too low.But I would be curious how a comparison to my original 7,5 ips tape or my Hemiolia 15 ips tape would end...

  • 2024-03-23 08:29:21 AM

    tim davis wrote:

    My Mo-Fi cd reissue has Astrud on one channel but my deadwax RE6 edition lp has her on the other. I prefer the sound on the lp. I guess we'll never know for sure where she belonged. N.P. "The one on the Right is on the Left" by Johnny Cash.

  • 2024-03-23 04:59:26 PM

    Come on wrote:

    Thanks much for the effort to produce those snippets!

    I didn’t take part in the initial quest, so I can only comment afterwards. I own the AP 45 and 33 and also identified those as my preference among the snippets with a favor to the AP 45. Differences among all of them are clearly audible, although I would have had a hard time to identify the other five, except the OG, which in this comparison sounds quite muted, the other 4 a bit artificial in highs and the Impex also boomy in bass. I hope and I’m sure the quality perception changes when the Impex arrives, because usually those AAA LP’s sound much better when played on the vinyl rig, than by those digital captures, the same here when I compare the AP45 snippet to my LP playback. This although my digital rig is able to produce better sound of some digitally recorded stuff when compared to some of such vinyl versions. But AAA LP’s always sound way better than their digital releases or needledrops here.

    The remained reverse channels on the Impex seem to be a really bad choice by comparing the snippets, as the AP 45 snippet has a lot more room sound in the right way for the instruments in my perception. How could they leave that, only because it was initially done wrong!

  • 2024-03-26 06:21:53 PM

    Oswaldo Martinez wrote:

    Interesting. The only two I got right were the OG and the lacquer. I guess those two were the most obvious sounding.

    As for the rest, I've got Impex and Speakers Corner swapping places.