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Hagerman Audio Labs Piccolo Zero
By: Tracking Angle

January 25th, 2024


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Hagerman Audio Labs Introduces a $249 Transimpedance "Head Amp"

the Piccolo Zero MC headamp joins the voltage-based Piccolo in the Hagerman lineup

Piccolo Zero is a transimpedance headamp designed to operate low internal impedance MC cartridges in current mode (zero input impedance). This mode is desirable for its improved tracking ability resulting in lower distortion and well controlled sonic presentation.

The Piccolo Zero offers four internal switch selected gain levels and plugs into any MM phono stage. It joins the voltage based Piccolo in the Hagerman line.


  • 2024-01-25 10:08:49 PM

    jeff kleinberg wrote:

    This just arrived today. Unfortunately my Analord cable pulls it all over, but after a bit of fiddling I found a static orientation. It is going into an Ypsilon phono stage. First thing I noticed was the noise floor, very low, but the noise was also a static white noise with no modulations. Incredibly impressive. Still needs to run in but if you run a low internal impedance cart, I can tell this is a special component, especially for the cost. It just keeps getting better as the hours roll buy. I would definitely want a better power supply to try as well. The noise floor is absolutely stupendous given a DC wall wart.

  • 2024-01-26 03:37:49 PM

    Josquin des Prez wrote:

    I don't really understand what a transimpedance headamp is for. What's the use case and motivation for using one?

    • 2024-01-27 10:12:32 AM

      jeff kleinberg wrote:

      For very low impedance carts, that produce more current than voltage. The cartridge sees no resistance and the current is increased through to the output. The cart is theoretically loaded perfectly, no trying different values like with a voltage gain situation. The “perfect “ loading leads to better tracking due to electromotive damping of the cart. Currently my favorite way to run a low impedance cartridge.

      • 2024-01-27 05:22:02 PM

        Josquin des Prez wrote:

        Ah, interesting. Thanks for the info. I have two Lyra Atlas Lambda (one SL, the other Mono) into a Naim Superline phono stage. Both are 0.25mv with 1.5Ω and 3.0Ω internal impedence respectively. Maybe I should try one of these?

        • 2024-01-28 12:32:29 AM

          Josquin des Prez wrote:

          Never mind. I see this is used more like a SUT with a MM phono input, and therefore isn't applicable to me.

  • 2024-01-27 03:19:21 PM

    Tim wrote:

    @Michael Fremer, you did an article(+poll) a few years ago with a blind listening comparison of a few head-amp/ phono combos - of which the Hagermann voltage Head Amp was in that list (and in my opinion the clear winner - it sounded great).

    If you get a hold of the Zero, do you think you can do the same here?

    I find those comparisons (incl. listening files) really useful and entertaining.

    I have also appreciated the comparisons you've done in the past of phono carts and pressings (the comparison you did of Bowie's 'Man Who Sold the World' was awesome -> I ended up getting a Japanese 2nd press as a result of that article)

  • 2024-01-27 06:16:25 PM

    bwb wrote:

    picture doesn't match what is on their website. The picture here has a switch for loading and this stage shouldn't have one..... ????

    • 2024-01-29 04:26:32 AM

      Kim Petersen wrote:

      It would seem that a wrong picture has been used for this article... The picture is the old version of the Piccolo (not Zero) MC headamp, it has been in production for many years, and now has a different look: The Zero is a new product.

      • 2024-01-29 07:25:40 AM

        Kim Petersen wrote:

        Correction: The first smaller picture is the Zero, the second and larger picture is the not-Zero Piccolo, which is why it comes right after "It joins the voltage based Piccolo". But a bit confusing nonetheless, including that the larger picture is of an older version :-)