Acoustic Sounds
HiFiction AG Magnifier MC Phono preamp
By: Michael Fremer

May 31st, 2024


Factory Tours

HiFiction Launches Thales Magnifier MC Phono Preamp/Preamplifier at Turbenthal, Switzerland Event

plus factory tour

Directly following Munich High End 2024 I drove with a friend to Switzerland and the next day attended along with some of Hi Fiction's international distributors a classical music concert of music by Dietrich Buxtehude performed by a quartet at a small, ancient church hosted by HiFiction's Micha Huber. It was a pleasant respite from the four days of show craziness!

The next day at the Turbenthal factory, the company introduced its new Magnifier moving coil phono preamplifier/preamplifier designed and built in cooperation with Stellavox, AG. Stellavox's Stephan Schertler described the Magnifier's unique zero feedback circuitry and then we got a chance to listen to it, followed by a factory tour conducted by Mr. Huber's father. In it you'll see how the company's turntables, tonearms and cartridges are designed and manufactured.