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Acoustica Systems ASTELLAR turntable
By: Michael Fremer

May 24th, 2024


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High End Munich 2024—Tracking Angle's Day Four Coverage (Plus)

the "plus" is some footage from the first three days that got lost then found

By Sunday most everyone is beat to a pulp and ready for the show to be over but go on it must! For those covering it there's never enough time. As I began assembling day four's videos I realized I'd missed some key ones that should have been posted on days one, two and three, so in addition to what I managed to get on day four, you'll find some earlier coverage.

This one begins on the show floor with Audio Research's Dave Gordon who runs us through ARC's new 330M mono block power amplifier. Then upstairs Franc Kuzma discusses his new twelve inch Safir arm. There's a walk through Nagra's always impressive product array. John Monks presents a brand new $2995 record cleaning machine that will remind industry veterans of the original Keith Monks machine—the one that started all of the record cleaning wheels turning in the first place.

We find TW Acustics Thomas Woschnick on the main floor adjacent to Uber Light innovator Robert Kahn who has a brand new remote controlled light that's going to find its way into many audiophiles' listening rooms for sure.

Acoustical Systems' Dietrich Brakemeier has "graduated" to an upper floor room where he displayed his tonearms, his giant Apolyt turntable originally unveiled at High End 2015 (or 16) and his newest turntable, which will fit in your home if your budget permits.

Back on the floor don't miss the Korf Audio presentation where you'll see bearing unique in the tonearm world, Korf's ceramic head shell and the company's prototype affordable direct drive turntable.

I ran into legendary recording engineer Tony Faulkner who talks about a new AAA project commissioned by SME's Ajay Shirke, and finally over at the Marriott as the final show hours wind down there's a look at the JMF Audio phono preamplifier and a new Pear Audio Blue ARAS turntable.

Afterwards, I staggered out with a friend and we drove to Switzerland for the next part of the adventure: a visit to Micha Huber's HiFiction factory where he manufactures, among other products, Thales turntables and arms, EMT cartridges and a brand new $40,000 phono preamp designed in cooperation with Stellavox, Switzerland. There was yet another adventure following that factory tour but you'll have to wait for the next video!


  • 2024-05-24 10:23:22 PM

    Zaphod wrote:

    Not sure how it performs but I love the look of the Lucxar Red Dragon Turntable!!!

    • 2024-05-27 07:57:09 PM

      Georges wrote:

      For me it's the ARIES CERAT : 200 kg !