Acoustic Sounds
By: Michael Fremer

August 17th, 2023



Jason Moran's "From the Dancehall to the Battlefield" Coming On Vinyl—Limited to 300 Copies

Should quickly sell out

If you read Fred Kaplan's review of Jason Moran's From the Dancehall to the Battlefield you may have been sufficiently intrigued to order the Bandcamp download Moran uploaded for purchase this past New Year's Day. I was and I did and glad to have done it.

Moran just announced a limited to 300 copies double LP $39.99 vinyl edition available now for pre-order, to be shipped early September.

● 2 LPs
● 180 Gram Vinyl Pressing
● Direct Metal Mastering
● Full Color Gatefold Jacket
● Euro Inner Sleeves with Artwork
● Limited Edition of 300
● Individually Numbered

Ordered! This is a major work worthy of owning. Fred Kaplan will follow up with a vinyl review when his copy arrives by which time this is sure to have sold out but it deserves the vinyl review and it will get one.


  • 2023-08-19 03:19:27 PM

    Scott Dalzell wrote:

    Thanks for the heads up. After listening to Moran's interview with Terry Gross on Fresh Air, it seemed that the only way to listen to this important music would be streaming on Bandcamp. Ordered today, August 19.

  • 2023-08-20 06:02:02 AM

    WJ Wicks wrote:

    To paraphrase the old E.F. Hutton commercial .."when Mikey speaks, people listen." I did. Ordered.

  • 2023-08-20 03:14:00 PM

    Michael Moorman wrote:

    Recently, saw him perform this music live. An amazing performance he had the audience in the palm of his hand. Bought a copy of the vinyl release at the performance, even though I had preordered a copy.

  • 2024-02-15 10:56:15 PM

    Jeffrey C. Robbins wrote:

    Finally listening to my copy of the album which I picked up right after Fred Kaplan’s review. It wasn’t limited to 300, as indicated. My album is numbered 310/300. Ha! JCR