Acoustic Sounds
Takumi Turntable
By: Michael Fremer

May 26th, 2023


Hi-Fi Shows

Munich High End 2023 Show Coverage Day Four

More important and fascinating products

Some important products are in this video shot Sunday, the show's final day. Especially interesting was the Supatrac arm made in Chelsea, London, England as well as the Takumi turntable, made in The Netherlands, though the name sounds Japanese.

High End 2023 was a fantastic show in every way. Details upcoming in the final show post. When it was over and I'd returned to my hotel room to edit video, by around 8 PM I got really hungry but there were no restaurants near the Innside Hotel, Schwabbing, located in an office park area so I went online and found a well reviewed Thai restaurant called Mun Mun. It was a short distance away so I took an Uber ride over to an unfamiliar part of Munich.

When I got to the restaurant it was closed and the insides had been gutted. Bummer! I turned around to find another place to go when I heard behind me a voice saying "Mr. Fremer...." I turned around and there was a couple. "It's Robert from UberLight." The UberLight has become ubiquitous at audio shows. It's an inexpensive adjustable light that I was in part responsible for making it ubiquitous at shows.

I said "Robert, I was going to have dinner at Mun Mun but it's closed, do you have another suggestion? He said, "We just had dinner at Mun Mun. It moved to a new location a short distance from here. We'll take you there." Robert and his wife walked me over and said "goodbye" and I had a very nice meal at Mun Mun.

What are the odds? And that's how the whole show was for me..... I hope you enjoy this 40 minute video, the 4th and final show report from High End Munich 2023. What a great show! Monday I traveled to Switzerland to visit CH Precision, but that's for another video at another time.

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  • 2023-05-28 11:21:12 AM

    topround wrote:

    Supratrac arm looks very interesting, we need a review! So many interesting turntables shown at the Munich show!

    • 2023-05-30 01:13:38 AM

      Zeotrope wrote:

      Don’t agree at all. Let me rephrase: it’s an interesting solution to a problem that does not exist. And by solving this non-existent problem, the beauty of the traditional unipivot is replaced with moving arms held together with fishing line. It’s ridiculous.

  • 2023-05-29 04:19:15 PM

    Eugene Harrington wrote:

    I agree with you, Michael! This year's show was especially good. I can't remember enjoying any one as much as I did this year's one. I have being going to Munich in May every year since 2006 and I think it is a great event and a wonderful opportunity to hear what the high end audio industry has to offer. Roll on May 2024!