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By: Michael Fremer

April 22nd, 2023


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New X-quisite VORO Cartridge From HiFiction

new addition to the X-quisite cartridge lineup

HiFiction, manufacturer of the X-quisite cartridge line introduced today the new VORO cartridge. As with previous models, the VORO features a one piece patented ceramic/Armco cantilever/coil former. The new VORO features a high-efficiency double-layer iron core. The generator is covered by a skeletonized ceramic sculpture, giving it an "organic" look, according to HiFiction.

X-quisite VORO

Other VORO particulars include "4 nines" copper coil wire, a FGS (Fritz Geiger S) stylus profile, a ceramic-aluminum cartridge body and Neodym-Armco magnet unit. The VORO weighs 10.2g and has a relatively high .7mV@5cm/s output. Compliance is 12µm/mN with suggested 1.9-2.1 gram tracking force. Claimed frequency response is 20Hz-30kHz, FIM distortion is rated at 0.2% maximum. Internal impedance is 2x12ohms Recommended load is 100-200ohms.

According to the manufacturer, the skeletonized ceramic sculpture is "common in nature" and is created by "Voronoi diagram", described by the mathematician George Voronoy. The design is said to insure "optimal resonance behavior as it combines highest rigidity with minimal sensitivity to airborne noise."

X-quisite VORO

I reviewed the X-quisite ST ($13,160) for my previous endeavor and then bought it. It's part of my favorite cartridge "arsenal". The manufacturer did not include with the press release the VORO's price.

HiFiction also manufactures Thales tonearms and turntables as well as EMT cartridges, turntables and phono preamps, though the EMT pro line remains a separate, unaffiliated company.


  • 2023-04-24 07:12:11 PM

    Jeff 'Glotz' Glotzer wrote:

    That cartridge body is intriguing! I imagine it a very nice balance between no body and damping extraneous vibrations. I look forward to a review, given your inclination.

  • 2023-05-04 03:21:22 PM

    Georges wrote:

    Beautiful, almost a nude cartridge. Looks like a basket.