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Origin Live Renown
By: Tracking Angle

May 1st, 2024


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Origin Live Announces "Ultra-High End" Renown Tonearm Debut

in advance of Munich High End 2024

At High End Munich 2024 Origin Live debuts its Renown tonearm, the company's "ultimate expression of the tonearm". According to the press release, "The company has pushed its tonearm design philosophy to the extreme in the tonearm’s noticeably extended, hollowed yoke and bearing assembly, and in the material composition and coatings of the arm tube."

"Familiar elements are present, such as the dual pivot bearing, inner/outer pillar VTA flywheel, and falling weight side bias as well as a newer addition also available on the Agile Tonearm; the asymmetric Multi-Layer Counterweight. Engaging with concepts used on their Turntables Multi-Layer Platters and the new Strata Multi-Layer Platter Mat the counterweight employs, you guessed it, multiple layers along its flat planes to reduce resonances through vibrational interference.

"When you spend enough time looking at super high-end tonearms, you'd be forgiven for thinking that aesthetics must be crucified to achieve the highest performance. Not so with the Renown, possibly the most elegant tonearm in the category, while making no compromises in its form-follows-function design. The resulting product is one of the finest performers in the world and a masterclass in the company's house sound of naturally tuned, highly dynamic, separated, and detailed, three-dimensional musical reproduction."

The Ultra-high-end tonearm is available for £26,000 worldwide or around $33,000.

Origin Live Renown


  • 2024-05-01 10:30:10 PM

    Zaphod wrote:

    I am sure the Renown is well worth it for certain individuals, and I am glad companies develop their products to the extreme so us mere humans can benefit from trickle down tech. Like the almost as amazing Origin Live Conqueror MKIV Tonearm that I personally use that only cost a fraction of the cost yet performs like an arm costing much more. The people there at Origin Live are also fantastic to work with. I started out with a lower end tonearm from their lineup and was able to trade-in and move up the food chain. To me they have been very generous and fair and the process was simple & easy.

  • 2024-05-02 08:09:15 PM

    JACK L wrote:


    "The Ultra-high-end tonearm is available for £26,000 worldwide or around $33,000." qtd TA

    Yes, money talks with luxurious merchandises.

    My question is: whoever rich & willing owing such "ultra-high-end tonearm" is for its musicality or for its fame vanity ??

    JACK L