Acoustic Sounds
By: Michael Fremer

October 25th, 2022


Industry News

Ortofon Introduces Concorde Elite Mk II—a DJ Cartridge That Thinks it's For Audiophile Playback

promises a "new level of sound quality, not previously found in DJ categorized cartridges"

Ortofon just announced the new Concorde MK II Elite "plug and play" cartridge that plugs directly into Technics turntables and others using the standard bayonet mount. It features a new special-molded stylus body the real gold plating, but more importantly, it's fitted with a nude elliptical diamond stylus normally used in hi-fi cartridges. The lower moving mass produces faster response, greater detail and better tracking of high frequencies.

Of course the stylus is easily replaced if you break it, but don't! The cartridge tracks at 3 grams and outputs a healthy 8.5mV (perhaps too high an output for some MM phono preamps). MSRP is $439.99. Elite stylus replacement costs $319.99. That's why you don't want to break it!

This sounds like a great "good will ambassador" for DJs to easily and conveniently experience how great records can sound with a decent cartridge installed on their rig.

We'd review one but haven't a compatible turntable in-house right now. When the newest low cost Technics ships, we'll get this cartridge and cover it in the review.