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By: Michael Fremer

February 28th, 2023


Industry News

Parasound Adds Darren Myers to its Audio Design Team

new title is Vice President of Research and Development

"SAN FRANCISCO (February 28, 2023) – Early in his tenure as Parasound's new owner, David Sheriff made a commitment to the company's legendary designer, John Curl, to  bring more of his new ideas to the fore. To accelerate this process, Sheriff has hired Darren Myers as Vice President of Research and Development.

 Myers was most recently Senior Analog Design Engineer for PS Audio, and earlier a designer for Classe Audio and B&W Loudspeakers. He is a passionate music enthusiast who describes being obsessed over just about every aspect of its reproduction since hearing his first Wilson Audio system when he was 16 years old. Myers has an electrical engineering degree from the University of North Carolina with a specialization in microelectronics.  His designs have earned countless awards including Stereophile's Analog Product of the Year for 2020 and The Absolute Sound's Amplifier of the Year for 2021."

That's from the today's press release. On a more personal note, I've used a photo of Myers from a few years ago when I interviewed him at AXPONA. Bill Leebens, who was then working for PS Audio, set up the interview, at the time not telling me who it would be with until I arrived on site.

There I found out it was Darren Myers, who'd contacted me when he was 20 years old and trying to figure out how best to have a career in the High End Audio business. I don't remember exactly what I told him, but I believe it was to get an electrical engineering degree so he'd be well-prepared should he eventually choose to apply his talents elsewhere.

Then I lost touch with him until I sat down to conduct the interview, which you can find on my previous endeavor's YouTube channel. He thanked me for helping steer him in the right direction and so watching him do so well at PS Audio designing, among other products, the excellent Stellar phono preamp and now making this move to Parasound working for David Sheriff, who took over from company founder Richard Schram, one of my favorite people in the business, only amplifies the satisfaction of whatever small part I played in Darren's success.

When I told him I was going to post this news item he texted "... thanks for your words of wisdom when I was 20 years old and wondering how to get into the industry!"

One of the best perks of the job.... congratulations to Darren and to Parasound for the outstanding hire. Curl and Meyers. Now that's going to be a formidable team!



  • 2023-03-02 05:39:24 PM

    cam08529 wrote:

    I wish him continued success with his new assignment. I was a beta tester for one of his PSA amps. I didn't keep the amps but thought they sounded great for the price point. He did reach out to me later and thanked me for my comments. I think he'll be an asset to the audio community long after my ears are gone. Yours too Michael.