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September 6th, 2023


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Pro-Ject Audio Systems Launches Extensive EVO Tonearm Line Displayed at Munich High End 2023

9,10 and 12 inch arms, straight and "S" shaped and fabricated from a variety of materials

This press release lists prices in Euros only so not sure if this launch is simultaneously in Europe and the USA but it's newsworthy nonetheless. At Munich High End 2023 Pro-Ject Audio Systems launched an extensive "EVO" line of new tonearms in both standard and premium versions that occupied a rather large sized wall. This photo shows only some of the arms on that wall.

Pro-Ject EVO tonearmsPro-Ject EVO arms at Munich High End 2023

The lineup includes 9",10" and 12" versions available in straight and "S" shapes and with various arm tube materials and bearing qualities among the choices. These are all available as separate products and all are based on Project's research into tonearm design and behavior. Some arm differences are purely cosmetic but for those who want a high gloss hand-polished look that takes 6-8 hours of hand polishing work, that's an available option.

Pro-Ject has instituted a trade-in program for owners of both older Pro-Ject turntables who want to upgrade their arm and for those with turntables from other manufacturers who want to do likewise. Install bases are available for SME, Jelco, March, Ortofon and others. This is a very aggressive push!

Prices announced in Euros:

EVO standard arms have an MSRP of between 799€ and 1799€ (including VAT) depending upon length, finish and shape.

EVO Premium arms have an MSRP of between 1399€ and 2399€ (including VAT) depending upon the same variables.

How these prices will compare to what American importer Sumiko will charge is at this time not known, but today, 2400€ is around $2574, which is pretty much 1:1.

Here's some of the eye candy as well as greater product details:

Pro-Ject EVO tonearmsPro-Ject EVO tonearmsPro-Ject EVO tonearmsPro-Ject EVO tonearmsEVO bearing and block comparisonEVO tonearm details


  • 2023-09-06 04:26:31 PM

    Jeff 'Glotz' Glotzer wrote:

    This is great news to owners of those tonearm manufacturers and a brilliant move on behalf of Project. All of the pics look great... Love this!

    • 2023-09-07 06:17:18 PM

      Anton wrote:

      And the price points are not insane! Kudos to them.

  • 2023-09-06 06:30:53 PM

    David wrote:

    Like it.👍

    • 2023-09-06 06:37:22 PM

      David wrote:

      PS This news from Pro-Ject is definitely worth a detailed YouTube review.

      • 2023-09-07 10:31:03 AM

        Michael Fremer wrote:

        They'd have to send me a few dozen!

  • 2023-09-06 07:45:40 PM

    CHRIS PERRINE wrote:

    They bear a strong resemblance to the discontinued Jelco arms. 🤔