Acoustic Sounds
By: Michael Fremer

October 5th, 2022


Industry News

Pro-Ject Introduces Power Box RS2 Power Supply Upgrade For Select Turntables and Phono Preamps

fits 18-20V Pro-Ject phono stages and 15V D.C. turntables

Replaces "wall warts" with linear power supply that includes a large toroidal transformer. Blurb says:

"A linear power supply consists of a massive toroidal transformer which disallows interference from the mains to negatively impact the performance of your audio gear. The built-in transformer has a much higher power reserve compared to the standard power adapter. It has very low output impedance and in combination with a large filtration capacity, it can manage it’s task effortlessly. Expect improved soundstaging, reduced background noise, more detail & better resolution that’ll contribute to the optimal performance of your turntable AND your phono stage. Like all Pro-Ject electronics, Power Box RS2 Phono is made in Europe and available in a black or silver full-aluminum housing."

Certainly if you own both a Pro-Ject turntable and phono preamp (like the one shown in the photo), the Power Box RS2 should make a "twofer" sonic upgrade.


  • 2024-01-05 04:41:39 PM

    Brenro wrote:

    This had an unpleasant effect on my DS3B phono stage. It was like throwing a heavy blanket over the sound.