Acoustic Sounds
RSD 2024
By: Michael Fremer

April 20th, 2024



Record Store Day at Factory Records in Dover, New Jersey

my first RSD ever because of previous AXPONA conflicts

Factory Records in Dover New Jersey (not far from Rockaway, NJ where RCA pressed its east coast records) is a really big record store that opened 3 years ago. Today was my first visit but as Arnold said, "I'll be back". Friendly people, a huge inventory, more new than used, and an enormous selection of vintage audio gear, which you'll see in this video.

I talked to people on the line waiting to get in and glad I did. One guy played on the Bernie Worrell RSD record Evan Toth reviewed yesterday. Another was an industry veteran who worked at Stiff Records in New York "back in the day" and is friends with Van Dyke Parks and others. Two of his favorite records are Love's Forever Changes and VDP's Song Cycle. We kind of hit it off!

People started lining up Friday evening at 6:30 and pitched tents. I hope that unlike Bono, they found what they were looking for. I bought a few records. I was happy to see the jazz titles mostly sold out, including the 4 LP Sonny Rollins set I managed to review the other day.

This was a happy place today filled with smiling faces and friendly banter among strangers. We need so much more of that in this country and RSD gave it to us. You'll see it in the video.

The building appears to be a former factory. Ironically I didn't see a Factory Record in the place—no New Order or Joy Division. But there was plenty to see and you'll see. They were super well organized for RSD. You stood on line outside, got a number and as people exited they let people in, not to shop but to spend time in the "lounge", which is also a coffee bar and a performance space with a stage and can seat (on vintage chairs) around fifty people. It also has a vintage 78rpm Wurlitzer juke box.

Then they again call your number and you line up to enter a space where all of the RSD records were located. You get one pass through and can only buy one of whichever records you choose. You pay and then you can walk around the rest of the store, which I did.


  • 2024-04-21 02:21:37 PM

    Rich wrote:

    Hey MF - you completely skipped over without comment a classic album that hopefully some other folks picked up: the expended reissue of John Hartford's Morning Bugle from 1972?? Released a year after Hartford's better known Aereo-Plain, it's a wonderful natural recording of Hartford, Norman Blake and Dave Holland (yeah, the great jazz bassist/composer) produced by John Simon (yeah, The Band producer). Haven't gotten chance to listen to the RSD remix yet but all those folks who are curious of what "Americana" sounded like before it became a semi-official "genre" or wore out copies of the Norman Blake w/Tut Taylor, Sam Bush, Butch Robbins, Vassar Clements & Holland that used to be a hifi show staple should definitely check this out!

  • 2024-04-23 12:11:10 PM

    Jeremiah wrote:

    I just had to Google AXPONA thinking it was a medical condition. HA!! I am du

  • 2024-04-23 07:03:38 PM

    AnalogJ wrote:

    I love the vibe of this video, Michael. The communal aspect of these days is really more important than the records for me.

  • 2024-04-24 02:05:13 PM

    Seamus MacGleannain wrote:

    Michael, I am not a bit surprised that you raved about Factory Records store. It looks like an Aladdin's Cave of vinyl! Just a great vibe oozing from every shelf. A pity you didn't get to interview more people in the queue. Great video as usual!