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October 17th, 2023


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SAT Selects MIBS DIstro NA For North American Tonearm and Turntable Distribution

SAT Parent Company Analog Solutions SL Established in Spain

Analog Solutions SL, Fuerteventura, Spain, October 16, 2023- Analog Solutions SL (formerly Swedish Analog Technologies AB) is thrilled to announce it has chosen MIBS Distro NA to manage all aspects of SAT's distribution, marketing and brand management in North America, effective immediately.

SAT is among audio's most coveted and exclusive brands. Since the introduction of its original Pickup Arm in 2015, SAT has cemented its place at the pinnacle of the audio engineering and manufacture, world-renowned for its award-winning LM and CF1 series ultra high-performance pickup arms and the XD1 Record Player System.

From the mind and heart of Marc Gomez, SAT's meticulously engineered components have won raves from the world's top reviewers and a rabid following among the most diehard, fanatical analog enthusiasts.

SAT's XD1 Record Player System and CF1-09Ti Pickup Arm will be played at the Toronto Audiofest October 20-22 in the Acora Acoustics Room, Sutton A, featuring a state-of-the-art system comprised of Acora's flasghip VRC loudspeaker, D'Agostino electronics and Lyra's top phono cartridge, Atlas Lambda.

"SAT is one of audio's premier brands, and we really look forward to expanding our reach in North America with MIBS Distro NA," said SAT's Marc Gomez. "Our goal has always been for more people to experience through these precision instruments what analog playback can really be."

MIBS Distro NA is a partnership between America's Shane Buettner of MIBS Distro and Jonathan Badov of Sonic Artistry in Canada. Based in beautiful Washington state in the US, Buettner manages the operations of MIBS Distro, Lyra's North American Distributor. Sonic Artistry is a destination-level SAT and Lyra dealer based in Toronto.  


  • 2023-10-17 04:30:40 PM

    Jim Shue wrote:

    Michael - thanks for posting this update! MIBS is a solid Audio Distributor with excellent support. Not true these days for many so called Distributors in High End Audio. I wonder if SAT is looking at building more affordable tonearms - seems to me the $5K to $10K range is ripe for serious disruption!

    • 2023-10-19 04:11:26 PM

      IR Shane wrote:

      Thank you! We work hard at it, and it is a service biz at the end of the day. Premium products demand that level!

      • 2023-10-19 07:40:01 PM

        Jim Shue wrote:

        Shane - the spread between excellent support and ineptitude is pretty large in High End Audio. I try to purchase products only from companies that are well supported in the States.