Acoustic Sounds
By: Michael Fremer

December 13th, 2022



Saxophonist Jerome Sabbagh's New AAA Kickstarter Project Is Now "Live"

Have a listen!

Saxophonist Jerome Sabbagh recently recorded "Vintage", a new all-analog jazz album with Kenny Barron, Joe Martin and Johnathan Blake, tracked to 30 IPS multitrack tape at Oktaven Audio, mixed to a custom, completely restored 1/2" 30 IPS Ampex 351 tube deck. Ryan Streber engineered at Oktaven, Pete Rende mixed at Brooklyn Recording.

darTZeel's Hervé Delétraz recently came on board the project as the vinyl edition's Executive Producer.

Sabbagh's previous efforts, No Filter and The Turn were enthusiastically reviewed on my "previous endeavor" and first pressings quickly sold out, plus the reader feedback was 100% positive: great music and AAA sound.

This project seems to be at least as worthy. Sabbagh is looking to fund it via Kickstarter

Please check out the link and consider supporting this worthy project!

This is a video of the mixing session:

You can listen to these tracks on Soundcloud:

"On a Misty Night":

"We See":