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Spin Clean's Red and Blue Beatles record washers
By: Tracking Angle

October 28th, 2023



Spin Clean International Introduces Limited Edition "Red" and "Blue" Record Washers

celebrating 50th anniversary of The Beatles "red" and "blue" albums—includes fluid remixes by Giles Martin

"Fluid remix by Giles Martin" is humor but the new Spin-Clean record washer kits celebrating the about to bar released 50th anniversary "Red" and "Blue" The Beatles hits albums are real.

Though the promotion was brokered by Bravado Entertainment, The Beatles North American licensing agent, the two models will initially be available worldwide exclusively at leading independent record stores and on the Spin-Clean website.

An accompanying extensive marketing campaign will stress the importance of record preservation and the need for keeping them in pristine condition. "This unique launch demonstrates Spin-Clean's ongoing commitment to providing music enthusiasts with the highest value record cleaning solutions available," said Spin-Clean International President Mark Mawhinney. "We're confident that music fans everywhere will appreciate the quality and convenience that these limited-edition Spin-Clean models bring to they valuable record collections."

The new Spin-Clean marketing effort that commenced last month features a number of elements including one of the most comprehensive ad campaigns ever undertaken in the vinyl cleaning category.

Over the next few months, the Spin-Clean message will be delivered via full-page ads in leading audio publications like The Absolute Sound and a variety of digital banners will also be posted on and other online sites. All of this creative emphasizes the Spin-Clean Record Washer’s compelling combination of benefits, including simplicity, reliability, and affordability.


  • 2023-10-28 04:14:19 PM

    Anton wrote:

    Black vinyl.

    They should show this as the ‘before’ pic and use the red and blue vinyl pressings as the ‘after.’

  • 2023-10-28 10:41:40 PM

    Lemon Curry wrote:

    Why, that's yellow primer...

  • 2023-10-29 01:40:49 AM

    Anton wrote:

    Wait just a minute. Where’s the matching Rega turntables?

  • 2023-10-29 11:44:35 PM

    JACK L wrote:


    "'Fluid remix by Giles Martin' is humor" qtd T.A.

    Remixes nowadays usually employ digital means. "FLUID remix" is a "humor" indeed to many analogue advocates.

    Here is a quote copied from M Fremer's old journal: "I still contend that the intrinsic joy in these recordings is diminished, rather than enhanced, by all the manipulation. I don't like the Giles Martin remixes at all."

    As a die-hard analogue advocate, I would not disagree to the above quote. Being a proud owner of Beatles' Red Album for some 20 years now, & this timeless musical treasure is hard to beat musically by todays however advanced digital "manipulation. "

    Yes, time flies & only now I know the arrival of the 50th anniversary of the Red & Blue Albums. To celebrate it, let me play my favourite Beatles' songs, like "Love me do", "I want to hold your hand, & "I saw her standing there" tonite at home with my (tube amps) sound system (uncompromised for classical music).

    For my tube-vinyl spoiled ears, thanks but no thanks for any digital remixes. I am yet to be impressed by the 40+ original digitally-mastered LPs let alone those digital remixes !!!

    Listening to analogue is believing

    JACK L

    • 2023-10-30 04:05:15 AM

      Michael Fremer wrote:

      I'm okay with offering the remixes of albums if they'd also redo the originals AAA. However, IMO collections like these should use the originals not the revisions.

      • 2023-10-30 07:07:05 PM

        JACK L wrote:

        Hi Mikey

        "like these should use the originals not the revisions." qtd M Fremer

        Unless the remixes were done 100% with the original soundtracks, no copies, it would be waste of money & time to go for them.

        Even if these remixes were done with the originals, I double very much the remixed LPs sound musically as good, if not better, than their historic original LP.

        As I just said above, the 40+ original digitally-mastered LPs I collected are yet to impress me as much as all the analogue LPs I own in term of being close-to-live, spatiality, OPENness, emotion & being-there engagement.

        That said, the is only one only exception of remastered LP that virtually blows away all my 40+ original digital masters which I just picked up from my favourite thrift store only last week for a buck or so.

        It is a 1985 EMI digital-remastered DGG label LP: "Wagner" performed by Berlin Philharmonic conducted by Herbert von Karajan. The remaster was done with the original soundtracks, no copies. What made it sound soooo good digitally was a unique Teldec (Telefunken/Decca)+Neumann DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) technology): cutting a hard surfaced copper master disc instead of the conventional lacquer coated aluminum master disc.

        Whover interested in such then super advanced direct cutting technology can read up my comment to "High-Res or Old School Digital" by Tom Gibbs in the Positive Feedback.Com site on 10/21/2023.

        JACK L


        • 2023-10-31 05:29:14 PM

          Malachi Lui wrote:

          the remixes are done from the multitracks. this was especially beneficial for 'sgt pepper' where they went back to the pre-bounced multis and lined everything up in pro tools. i agree that the original mixes shouldn't be phased out in the way that we're currently seeing, but some of the remix efforts have been good. try the 'sgt pepper' 2017 remix (96/24 mostly ITB remix cut to vinyl) and see what you think. or stream it... it's all easily accessible now.

          • 2023-10-31 07:26:01 PM

            JACK L wrote:


            "sgt pepper' where they went back to the pre-bounced multis and lined everything up in pro tools.: qtd M Lui.

            Multitrack editing is indeed by itself a very practical tool to weave up soundtracks done at different locations & in different time eras. Every recording/production engineers love it professionally.

            But as a music listener like yous truly, I would not want to go for such mult-tracked music media given choices. Even the originals were done by multitracking (be honest, which modern music productions nowadays do not use it , except, maybe on-stage classical music), synergy is substantially compromised. IMO.

            The sound will suffer in term of time phase related information, e.g. spatialitiy, musical coherance etc.

            My skeptical ears do detect such sonic compromise.

            That's why as a classical music lover, the last music t I want to listen is multi-tracked music done in different timing/location.

            Once one has experienced long enough in listening to old timer analogue music LPs, like me, one might not tolerate anything else, digital multi tracking & the like.

            I say it again, nothing else, like digital remixes, can match the original historic LP sound, e.g. the Beatles' Red/Blue Albums - musically !!!

            Yes, streaming is "all easily accessible" - but so what ?

            Even my hard-wired 24bit-mastered reference CDs can't touch musically my analogue LPs let alone streaming.

            Listening is believing

            JACK L

  • 2023-11-03 07:43:32 AM

    tim davis wrote:

    What?! No "White" album edition? How disappointing. A major marketing opportunity for next 4th of July completely missed. Real patriots could buy all 3 & line 'em up in the correct sequence. Also, the potential for the Metropolitan French market is huge. Huge, I tells ya.

  • 2023-11-03 09:59:24 AM

    33Spree wrote:

    The red colored one will be better for cleaning with the latest 2023 remixes of cleaning fluids. Use the blue for rinsing with the purest waters sold for $50 a liter.