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By: Tracking Angle

February 1st, 2024



Think Outside The Box! Intervention's Frampton Trio Available Individually

limited edition "Frampton@50"box nearly sold out

With the box set nearly sold out, Intervention decided to offer the three Frampton albums individually at $40.00 each.

The Frampton@50 Series 180G reissues are 100% Analog Mastered by Chris Bellman and sound sensational. The flat, heroically quiet 180g vinyl is pressed at boutique press Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland, Ohio.

The album art was meticulously restored by IR's Tom Vadakan, and the jackets are "Old Style" tip-ons, beautiful produced on heavy stock by Stoughton printing.

In addition, Frampton's Camel comes with a 21.5" x 18" Vintage Frampton Poster Reprint While Supplies Last! 

Available 3/1/24 or PRE-ORDER NOW for your collection @ $40 each:

  • Wind of Change (Catalog IR-032)

  • Frampton's Camel (Catalog IR-033)

  • Frampton (Catalog IR-034)

"... everything about this set defines how reissues should be produced ... Chris Bellman cut lacquers at Bernie Grundman Mastering ... Gotta Groove in Cleveland pressed on 180g black vinyl. The pressings I received were 100% perfect in every way."

-Michael Fremer


  • 2024-02-02 02:41:18 PM

    Mtglass wrote:

    If all you know is “Comes Alive” do yourself a favor and check these albums out! I bought the box set and it sounds great.

  • 2024-02-19 01:35:02 AM

    Frank A wrote:

    Bought the box months ago, still sealed haven’t make the time to play it. And yes, only know “Alive”.