Acoustic Sounds
By: Michael Fremer

October 24th, 2022


Factory Tours

VPI House Tour With TrackingAngle Editor Michael Fremer

on assignment from The Absolute Sound I toured the VPI House and met with Alta Audio's Mike Levy

A recent tour of the VPI House in Matawan, N.J. and a full introduction to both the company's latest turntable line-up and Alta Audio speaker offerings explained by designer and owner Mike Levy.

VPI's Mat Weisfeld showed off the company's newest turntable line-up, highlighting the Avenger Direct Drive turntable and the company's new material 3D printed arm. The new arm, made from a newly developed material is far harder and more rigid than the previous iteration.

Companies like VPI (and many others) that don't have their own in-house CNC machine shop rely upon the quality produced by outside vendors. Getting to see and touch the latest line-up made clear that the newest outfit producing parts for VPI has taken the company's products to a higher quality level—at least cosmetically. I didn't travel with a dial indicator to check platter run-out.