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Warsaw Audio Video Show Day One Coverage
By: Michael Fremer

November 5th, 2023


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Warsaw Audio Video Show Day One Coverage

only a few debuts at the show but lots to see

I spent all of day one at the sports arena where most of the exhibitors were "mainstream" audio companies from around the world. There were fewer "big" exhibits this year—no giant speakers from Gryphon, Wilson, Magico and others. The only really big one was Borresen's flagship M6 and it delivered on its promise. Exhibits of mostly "down to earth" products (still priced in the stratosphere) was a welcome trend.

In terms of product debuts at the show, there were only a few encountered on day one. Danish GATO introduced a new moderately priced (around $3500) phono preamp with two inputs, one of which was transimpedance (current amplification for low output, low internal impedance cartridges). Each input's settings are stored in memory, which is a welcome convenience and it also includes a dedicated headphone amplifier. Very nice looking! Will get one for review. It can be ordered factory direct and has a money back guarantee.


NAD retro integrated ampOne of NAD's two new "retro" integrated amplifiers

Also new: Thorens has upgraded the tonearm on its less costly 1600 series of turntables to one fitted with a magnetically secured knife-edge bearing and the company has a deluxe limited edition of its 124 DD. Otherwise, this video is mostly "color" showing you what was there and what you missed if you didn't attend.

Thorens 1600 series New knife-edge bearing tonearm for Thorens 1600 Series

Here's the bearing on the inside

Thorens TD124DD Anniversary EditionTD124DD Anniversary Edition

Speaking of attendance: it appeared to be a very well-attended show, with big crowds at both the sports arena and at the Sobieski and Golden Tulip hotels. I did turntable set-up seminars all three days that were well-attended and a great deal of fun to do. I also played the jazz album now released on Liam Records that I co-produced with Robin Wyatt of Robyatt Audio and it really went over well in every room with people in some applauding as if it was live, which is how it sounded in some rooms. Had a microphone problem at the end so there are a few silent clips.

The worst part was I had a really good interview with Michael Borrensen who provided a really compelling reason for why vinyl cut from digital is something loudspeakers "like". He's a silent movie. I'm going to try to get him on a ZOOM call to explain it again. Sorry about that!