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The Lemon Twigs

A Dream Is All We Know



The Lemon Twigs

Label: Captured Tracks

Produced By: The Lemon Twigs and Sean Ono Lennon

Engineered By: The Lemon Twigs, Scott Hollingsworth, Matthew Cullen, and Rias Reed

Mixed By: The Lemon Twigs

Mastered By: Paul D. Millar (Bug Sound)

Lacquers Cut By: Scott Hull (Masterdisk)

By: Dylan Peggin

May 23rd, 2024



The Lemon Twigs’ “A Dream Is All We Know” Is A Dream For The Ears

New York’s power pop duo goes baroque on their new album

One would think The Lemon Twigs were captured in a time capsule from the ‘60s and brought into the 21st century. Consisting of brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario, the duo craft retro-sounding rock with influences derivative of baroque, indie, glam, and power pop. It is ludicrous for any modern artist with an obvious trace of influence from decades past to be dubbed as “passé.” The Lemon Twigs manage to take every cliche of the genres they explore into one giant melting pot, and all one can do is smile when they hear traces of The Beatles and The Beach Boys. 

Given the typical turnaround of album releases in today’s music business, The Lemon Twigs have maintained a steady, impressive streak of five albums in ten years. The shape-shifting styles heard on Do Hollywood and Songs for the General Public are reminiscent of what a listener could expect from other contemporaries like Foxygen and Of Montreal. Music aside, the D’Addario brothers are aces of the theatre department, crafting a rock opera about a chimpanzee raised as a human boy called Go to School. The acoustically-driven Everything Harmony provided some light and shade to their musical palette. Now, The Lemon Twigs embrace their love for the 1960s with their most direct-sounding album, A Dream Is All We Know.

The album’s leading two tracks, “My Golden Years” and “They Don't Know How To Fall In Place,” have Brian Wilson’s DNA all over it, down to the sweet-sounding falsetto vocals, harmonies, and lyrics regarding personal introspection. Themes of romance run throughout the album, especially on the Beatles-esque “Church Bells;” the Ringo-inspired drum pattern in the bridge is a pleasant easter egg! The way the electric guitars and synthesizers mesh together in the choruses of “A Dream Is All I Know” is power pop perfection. The playful melodies and rich lyrical imagery make “Sweet Vibration” a generous dosage of audible serotonin. The D'Addario brothers rub shoulders with Fab Four royalty on the doo-wop-inspired “In The Eyes of The Girl,” with bass and production contributions from Sean Ono Lennon.

Side 2 starts with “If You and I Are Not Wise,” a track that sounds like Big Star equipped with jangly Rickenbackers. Theremins buzz in the verses of “How Can I Love Her More,” reaching a soaring high with a boisterous horn section in the choruses; it is hands down the album’s climax. The album’s moment of subtlety comes with “Ember Days,” led by acoustic guitars and a soothing string arrangement. There is an undeniable element of Ray Davies/Kinks-like swagger during the chorus of the phased-out “Peppermint Roses.” The intricate acoustic fingerpicking on “I Should’ve Known Right From The Start” locks the song in a loose groove. Gone are the horns and strings, The Lemon Twigs get down and dirty with the album closer “Rock On (Over and Over),” an electrified glam rocker that sounds primitive with a strong element of “coolness.”

Since the core of The Lemon Twigs is a duo, one thinks the group would take on a similar Beach Boys formula and work with top-notch session players. Not only did Brian and Michael D’Addario write every song themselves, but they played every horn/string part, guitars, bass, and drums; you name it, it's them! The multi-instrumentalist aura surrounding the duo gives them an unshakable industrious edge. 

The Lemon Twigs
Not only does The Lemon Twigs live up to the aesthetics of the genre they perform, but also its presentation. Analog purists can be relieved when they read, “recorded, mixed, and mastered entirely from the original analog tapes,” on the album’s hype sticker. Outside of composition expertise, the D’Addario brothers studied the science of recording, engineering, and mixing to an exquisite degree where it's hard to believe this all-analog gem was crafted in the confinements of their very own studio. A Dream Is All We Know is delightfully warm to the ears, with the vocals and harmonies (recorded with a vintage Neumann U87) coming across rich in detail. Heavy compression was utilized during the album’s initial tracking, giving each mix component a distinctive punch. There is no need to fear ear fatigue or distortion, this album will knock your socks off! 

The Lemon Twigs

Music Specifications

Catalog No: CT-375

Pressing Plant: GZ Vinyl


Speed/RPM: 33 1/3

Weight: 140 grams

Size: 12"

Channels: Stereo

Source: Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered Entirely from the Original Master Tapes

Presentation: Single LP