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Welcome To Tracking Angle!

A New Site With a Decades Long History

By: Tracking Angle

You’ve arrived at a new website, but one with a rich, more than quarter century-long history of music reviews and feature stories, both in-print and online.

The Tracking Angle published its premier issue in January 1995 as a digest-sized, stapled, two-color, sound-conscious music magazine edited by Michael Fremer. It quickly became a full-color, glossy, perfect bound, full-sized magazine featuring an impressive roster of music reviewers and feature...Read More

October 5th, 2022

Unboxing the new ABKCO Rolling Stones 7" singles 1963-1966 Box Set+ U-Turn Theory View

Nice box! And you'll see close up the just reviewed U-Turn Orbit Theory Turntable

By: Michael Fremer

We now can add embedded videos to stories so here's the latest YouTube video unboxing the Rolling Stones 7" 1963-1966 45rpm singles and EP box set plus a closer look at the new U-Turn Orbit Theory turntable reviewed elsewhere on this site.

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October 5th, 2022

Hagerman Audio Labs Updates Bugle MC Phono Preamp

4th gen MM/MC eliminated DIP switches, adds upgrades

By: Michael Fremer

The 4th generation Bugle MC Phono preamp from Hagerman Audio Labs eliminated DIP switches and moves gain and loading switches to the front panel. As the specs below indicate, the Bugle has plenty of gain for all but the very lowest MC cartridge. The previous iterations were encased in plastic. This new one is in an aluminum chassis, which probably makes for a better shielded enclosure. The price...Read More

October 5th, 2022

Pro-Ject Introduces Power Box RS2 Power Supply Upgrade For Select Turntables and Phono Preamps

fits 18-20V Pro-Ject phono stages and 15V D.C. turntables

By: Michael Fremer

Replaces "wall warts" with linear power supply that includes a large toroidal transformer. Blurb says:

"A linear power supply consists of a massive toroidal transformer which disallows interference from the mains to negatively impact the performance of your audio gear. The built-in transformer has a much higher power reserve compared to the standard power adapter. It has very low output impedance and in combination with a large filtration capacity, it can manage it’s...Read More

October 5th, 2022

Pro-Ject Introduces New Debut PRO S Turntable

features 10" "S" shaped aluminum arm, TPE-damped die-cast aluminum platter

By: Michael Fremer

Busy Pro-Ject just announced yet another new turntable. The $1,199 Debut PRO S features a new 10" "S" shaped arm that includes a CNC-machined nickel-plated bearing block, removable headshell and adjustable VTA/SRA and azimuth. Also included is a die-cut aluminum platter and aluminum sub-platter.

Platter removed to show subplatter

The...Read More

October 5th, 2022

Luxman America Introduces the PD-151 MkII Turntable

replaces 151A and includes new LTA-309 knife-edge bearing tonearm

By: Michael Fremer

Though it was shown at last Spring's Chicago AXPONA show and has been available overseas for awhile, Luxman America last month began distribution of its now PD-151 MKII turntable, which replaces the well-regarded 151A. The new model features a new, original LTA-309 tonearm featuring a knife-edge bearing originally developed by the classic Japanese brand SAEC. The new static-balanced arm features a machined aluminum arm base and VTA/SRA adjustability.

The 3 speed turntable...Read More