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The Tracking Angle published its premier issue in January 1995 as a digest-sized, stapled, two-color, sound-conscious music magazine edited by Michael Fremer. It quickly became a full-color, glossy, perfect bound, full-sized magazine featuring an impressive roster of music reviewers and...Read More

March 19th, 2023

‘Fragments’: Bob Dylan’s ‘Time Out Of Mind’ Restored

Volume 17 of 'The Bootleg Series' is a thoroughly fascinating listen

By: Malachi Lui

The best reissues provide fuller context to the material, guiding listeners to (even) more favorably reassess the work without seeming forceful. As more recent installments have generally grown in size and curation quality, the series has become essential for anyone with more than a passing interest in Dylan. The latest set, 'Fragments: The Bootleg Series Vol. 17,' is the definitive collection of session material and tour recordings surrounding 1997's 'Time Out Of Mind.'

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March 18th, 2023

Audio-Technica Celebrates 60 With the Explosive Sounding AT-MC2022

unparalleled transparency, speed and true detail

By: Michael Fremer

It’s no secret that the world’s two largest cartridge manufacturers, Audio-Technica and Ortofon generate most of their cartridge income from inexpensive, mass-produced units, many of which they supply OEM to turntable manufacturers. Yet both lavish time, attention, and financial resources on the far smaller (it would be fair to say “tiny”) top of the market, where ultra-precision hand-built limited-edition models garner more attention than sales from audio... Read More

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March 17th, 2023

Redefining the Deutsche Grammophon Sound

DG'S all-analogue "original source" vinyl reissues will tackle the label’s variable sonics

By: Mark Ward

Classical music-loving audiophiles can sometimes feel like they've been left out in the cold with regard to all-analogue vinyl reissues. Not so rock and jazz lovers who are well catered to with excellent AAA reissues from Analogue Productions, Impex, Craft, Blue Note et al. Speaker’s Corner used to keep the classical reissues coming, but even their releases have dried up in the last few years - a great shame.However, relief is at hand. As reported by MF and... Read More

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March 16th, 2023

Hill's "Dance With Death" Is A Lively Set!

why this 1968 recording, a new "Tone Poet" series release, sat on the shelf until 1980 is a mystery

By: Michael Fremer

No one knows why this Andrew Hill album recorded October 11th 1968 wasn’t released until 1980 as part of a Michael Cuscuna produced series. “Tone Poet” Joe Harley doesn’t know, nor, he told me, does Cuscuna. Harley posits a few possible reasons, none of which have anything to do with the music here, which in 1968 clearly was release-worthy. The vinyl revival/resurgence whatever you wish to call it has been a boon to artists like the late composer/performer/academic... Read More

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March 15th, 2023

Andover's SpinDeck 2 Adds Features, Priced Low at $299

key features simplify use, add convenience

By: Tracking Angle

Andover Audio just announced the new Spin Deck 2 turntable, budget priced at $299 complete with Audio Technica AT3600 cartridge and acrylic dustcover. The "starter" turntable now features electronic speed control and automatic end of side shut-off and arm return. The Audio-Technica 3600 comes pre-mounted for easy set-up, but can easily be upgraded.The new Spin Deck 2 also includes a by-passable built-in MM phono preamp. In addition, for greater speed... Read More

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March 14th, 2023

A Sonically Spectacular Percussion Record Worth Repeated Plays

compositions by Lou Harrison and Steve Reich plus a world premier co-commissioned by the Ensemble

By: Michael Fremer

Recorded during the same 2011 and 2012 Zipper Hall, Los Angeles sessions that produced the remarkable percussion record “Smoke & Mirrors” (Yarlung 17255-195V), “Earth & Wood” is another sonic spectacular recorded directly to tape using a single AKG C24 stereo microphone (with Elliot Midwood mic amplification). The one-mike recording technique required “just so” placement of both it and the seven member Smoke and Mirrors Percussion Ensemble that performed the... Read More

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