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Audio-Technica just announced the return of the $199 AT-SB2022 "Sound Burger" portable record player. It's been bought back after 40 years away to help the company celebrate its 60th anniversary. The Sound Burger is a belt driven portable 33 1/3/45rpm record player driven by a high-precision DC motor. It features a die-cast aluminum alloy platter with "damping design" and is equipped with the ubiquitous Audio Technica AT3600L moving magnet... Read More

I unbox the "Revolver" "Super Deluxe" 4 LP Edition that includes 180 gram vinyl editions of the original mono LP, the new stereo mix by Giles Martin and Sam Okell, two Sessions LPs of outtakes, rehearsals, demos and studio chat, plus a 7" bonus EP that includes the original mono and new stereo mixes of "Rain" and "Paperback Writer". The press release confused me. Apparently only me so I apologize here to the publicist and... Read More

I just posted this "unboxing" video of the new "Revolver" re-mix deluxe 5 CD box set. It includes the original mono mix on a CD, following Harry T. Moss's original vinyl mastering notes. I thought the set would include the vinyl LP but it doesn't. However, the box set presentation is outstanding and the book is really special! Since I've not yet read or listened I've nothing else to add here. Will write a full review ASAP! Read More

This week, Temporal Drift announced the first official CD and vinyl reissues of Japanese psychedelic rock band Les Rallizes Dénudés' three-album discography. Originally released on limited edition CDs in 1991, this series marks the first official vinyl and digital releases of these seminal recordings.The three albums—’67-'69 Studio et Live, Mizutani / Les Rallizes Dénudés, and ’77 Live—capture the band from their formation to their artistic height, and were... Read More

Creed Taylor produced records are no doubt among your most treasured, whether on CTI, which he founded in 1967, or Verve or other labels in which he was involved. Taylor passed away Augusts 22nd, 2022 at age 93. The recently released documentary "Creed Taylor, The Music Came First" is now available as a free, high resolution stream on the Snapshots Music and Arts Foundation website. If you click on "Vimeo" from that site you can watch full screen... Read More

Full disclosure is but one welcomed feature of this ambitious and exciting Steely Dan catalog reissue roll-out from Analogue Productions. All titles remastered from the original analog tapes with the exceptions of Aja and Gaucho. Aja will be mastered from an analog, non-EQ'd tape copy and Gaucho from a 1980 analog tape copy originally EQ'd by Bob Ludwig (who cut the original Gaucho lacquers). According to the press release, it's likely that original... Read More

Unlike Sgt. Pepper's… producer Giles Martin explained to an invited group at New York's Republic Studios, the Revolver recorded assets, despite all of the record's innovative studio trickery (mostly done on tech "shoe-string"), did not include pre-mix "stems" that he could use to create a better stereo spread. The album had been recorded to 4 tracks and elements were permanently "married”. Director Peter Jackson's Beatles... Read More